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G.Urban(지어반) | Artist of the Week

Okay so I know I’ve been working hard to find new music and at times I do slack off a bit and just listen to the songs from mainstream artists. However, YouTube recommendations have been so on it lately! The introduced me to this gem!

Now before you say it, I know I know G.Urban is not new and has been out for like 2+ years but in my defense I get a lot of recommendations for kpop groups and not artists who aren’t kpop. I’m working on it!

I really do like this duo though. I haven’t found out much about them but I am all about introducing new sounds and music here soooo if you’re new to G.Urban like I am, check out the music below!


Artist of the Week | PENOMECO 페노메코

So we have returned to the Artist of the Week! It took me a little longer than usual to find a new artist because all of my recommendations were for people I already knew so I was trying to find something new and ended up finding new music from the same people and was hooked on the new songs.

It was a process.

However, I have emerged with a new artist (to me)… PENOMECO 페노메코!

I will admit I just heard of him today. Literally heard one song and was completely a fan! My favorite by him is probably COCO Bottle but I also added some other songs that you may or may not be familiar with. I don’t know much about him but he does have a very R&B/hip-hop sound with a pop influence as well. I like his music and I’ll definitely be adding him to my playlist.

Check out the sample playlist below!

Album Highlight | Day6 “Moonrise”

I’ve been trying to find a new Artist of the Week to feature but it’s so hard because there are so many incredible artists I want to talk about but also because I keep listening to the same artists over and over again. (Favoritism I know) 

In the meantime, Google alerts me sometimes to “new music” but the music is never new. It’s always something I’ve heard before or was released a year or so ago. So I decided this time to just listen and what do you know I was listening to songs I had either skipped over or had forgotten about. I almost forgot how awesome Day6 is. (For shame!)

Artist of the Week will return soon. 

LOONA – Go Won | Album Spotlight

If you’ve heard of the group LOONA then you’re already familiar with Go Won. But if you haven’t, Go Won is the 11th member of the kpop girl group LOONA. She made her debut back in January and this is her solo introduction project. I picked this one to spotlight because when I first heard it I thought she was a solo artist and was so excited. But now I’m even more excited to have a new group to listen too since all my favs have disbanded.

LOONA officially debuts August 2018!