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Weekend Update | ARMY vs. Pillow Talk, The Case of Plagiarism + “Law Of The Jungle”, Viewers Want Choi Yeo Jin Edited Out + Olympics, North Korean Olympians Won’t Receive Samsung Gift

Alright so, instead of a Weekend Kpop Update, this is just a regular old update. And in my mind, it’s a bit more excited that way.

DIA is doing something really cute for the fans! They have decided for their comeback to record a new song, expressing their gratefulness to their fans, but the treat is, they’re recording this song with the fans. That’s right!  “The Love…”, which is a tribute to their one-year debut, will be sung with fans about the fans.

How cute is that?

With 2NE1 going from a foursome to a trio, many Blackjacks were left to wonder, “what’s going to happen to Minzy now?” Like I knew was going to happen, Minzy is doing just fine solo.

“On August 13, Minzy enjoyed an intimate gathering with about 40 fans at the Private Cinema in Cheongdam Cine City. The meeting lasted about an hour long and was broadcasted live via Naver V App for fans who couldn’t be physically present. “This is my first step,” Minzy shared. “I want to be with you all going forward until my 100th, 1,000th fan meeting. I am so happy. Let’s stay together.”

(source: soompi)

That solo debut is coming any day now and I can’t wait!

But all is not well in the world of K-pop, the BTS ARMY has picked up on something a little suspect in the YouTube world with an American group by the name of “Pillow Talk”. They have allegedly stolen the beat from the song “I Need U” for their song “Body Pillow”.


Apparently, Pillow Talk may have actually legally obtained the beat. There isn’t exactly a lawsuit pending nor is anyone affiliated with BTS talking about this, which leads me to wonder, is ARMY blowing this whole thing out of proportion?


Viewers of the show “Law Of The Jungle” saw an episode that included  Choi Yeo Jin and let’s just say, they weren’t pleased.

But why?

Well, this is a strong case of “guilt by association”. Choi Yeo Jin’s mom made a wave in the news, and not in a good way when she insulted Olympic medalist Ki Bo Bae. Later, Choi Yeo Jin and her mother both took to their SNS to apologize but by then the damage had been done. Now fans think that Choi should be edited out of the episode even though she did nothing wrong.

So far no comments from anyone associated with the show involving the viewer outrage has been released but as it stands, I doubt that will happen.

Okay so this last story is one I wanted to talk about because I saw it in a few places and thought this would be a pretty important issue to address for a lot of you interested in what was going on.

So word got out that the Olympians receive gifts and one of the gifts given this year were cellphones from Samsung. People also found out that the Noth Korean Olympians were not accepting the gifts and reactions ranged from outrage to shock to confusion to “why are we surprised?”

Well, there’s a reason why they turned the gifts. Though this isn’t the first time they’ve refused to accept gifts for various reasons, this time, it’s a bit more complicated. Cell phones are actually not allowed in North Korean. You could say they’re kinda… banned. Phones are actually smuggled into the country.

“…Smuggled-in Chinese mobile phones, which enable North Koreans near the border with China to gain access to its mobile networks, are an increasingly vital bridge between the North and the outside world… They connect North Koreans to relatives who have defected abroad, mostly to South Korea… [Mr. Kim] strengthened a crackdown on mobile phones smuggled from China, deploying more soldiers and modern surveillance devices along the border to jam signals or trace them to those using the banned phones…”

(source: NewYorkTimes)

This story is actually one of the many that tend to shock outsiders who know very little about the tight and restrictive access in North Korea but I encourage you all to read the article to learn more about it.

Though it may be a small issue to us, it affects them greatly when they can’t communicate with the outside world nor family that have defected to other countries.

That’s all for the Weekend Update!

Weekend Kpop Update | Jessica Jung Signs to Tyler Kwon’s Coridel Entertainment + ARMY vs iKONICS and Lightsticks at iKON Concert + More “Cheese in the Trap” Drama

So I apologize for the late post. I really need to get on it!

First let’s start with TWICE’s Dahyun and Tzuyu who will be special MCs for SBS’s Baek Jong Won’s Three Kings. Pretty exciting considering this is coming just off the heels of Tzuyu’s nationality controversy.

VIXX’s Ravi is new BFF’s with BTS’ J-Hope and Produce 101’s Kim So Hye managing agency is suing netizens for malicious comments.

All is right in world of kpop. With a few ripples that happened over the weekend…


Jessica shocked fans by revealing that she has officially signed on with Tyler Kwon’s Coridel Entertainment. This is move is causing a lot of fans to wonder if she’s preparing for a new kpop comeback as a solo artist. Though it was never something off the table, Jessica said recently back in the December issue of High Cut magazine that singing wasn’t on the backburner. It was still something she’s passionate about.

In Jung’s interview with the magazine, the singer made it clear where she stands in her own music endeavors. “I never said I was leaving the Entertainment industry,” Jung said. 

(source: movienewsguide)

This announcement also came around the time she posted a picture on instagram of herself in the studio. It was later taken down but fans got the message.

Well I certainly can’t wait to hear her new music.

And of course, what’s kpop without some type of “fan war”. This honestly isn’t a huge issue or even war material. This is between ARMY and iKONICS over a lightstick situation at a iKON concert. Apparently, there were some fans there with BTS lightsticks that upset a lot of iKONICS who promptly took pictures and posted them online.

When it hit the internet, iKONICS were heated and jumping all over this. But a few ARMY’s and iKONIC’s issued statements saying in so many words, “this is about to get out of hand so before it does, I’m sorry.”  and “No need for apologies.” Not exactly what was said but…

“I’m an ARMY. I think there will be controversy so I apologize in advance. I think this is ARMYs’ fault..I’m sincerely sorry. I really have nothing to say…” 

“I’m an iKONIC and I don’t think it’s right to demand an apology from innocent ARMY’s just because of those three…”

(source: allkpop)

You can see pictures here of the “outrageous stunt” (sarcasm intended)

And finally, Cheese in the Trap has even more drama to add to the drama!

This show has received great reviews for the writing and production and storyline… it’s just the offscreen drama that’s starting to become a turn-off for some viewers. This time, it’s the producers apologizing to the webtoon author for leaving her out of the loop on the final episode!

Fans noticed this after Soonkki released a post on her blog acknowledging the slip up upsetting the fans and being a bit of a buzzkill for the final show. The director has apologized personally to her and now staff of the show issued the following apology.

“First, we woud like to apologize the fans of the show and webtoon for worrying them with such negative news. Regret fills our hearts for making some of the actors feel uncomfortable with the situation as well… Regarding the post the original writer Soonkki recently uploaded on her blog, we are sorry that we were not more considerate of her. We were so focused on producing the drama that we forgot to share the script with her midway into the show. We are especially sorry for sharing the script for the ending only right before we started filming. Director Lee Yoon Jung has already personally apologized to Soonkki, and she has accepted it,”

(source: soompi)

Hopefully in the future, if there’s a second season, they’ll remember to include Soonkki in the process all the way to the end.