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Artist of the Week | Amber

This post honestly feels long overdue. Amber has done such an amazing job as a solo artist expressing herself and showing a side to her music that many of us didn’t get a chance to see. Although she’s amazing with f(x), solo she is truly incredible! Amber’s new song, “On My Own” is truly one of the most beautiful song’s I’ve heard in a long time.

I could go on and on  about her talent but I don’t think words would suffice! So check Amber’s new music in the playlist below!

Wednesday Music Update | Star Empire New Girl Group with Chae Eun and Hyeri + AOA “Good Luck” MV Edited? + Jessica Says She Didn’t Leave SNSD for Money Despite Rumors + New Music (Videos)

This week’s kpop news has been a mixture of good and exciting news and even kinda bad news.

Starting with Sulli… I know I know, eye rolls right? Apparently, the singer’s instagram account has been deleted. Even though many people are excited about this, it is a bit concerning. She is known for her “out there” posts and selcas and now it’s all gone. Many are beginning to speculate that it could be a hack. It’d be a shame if all the rumors and criticism drove her to delete her own personal account.
OH MY GIRL has announced that they will be making a comeback a lot sooner than you think. How soon? Try May 26th soon! The repackaged album will be titled “Windy Day” and it’ll be released at midnight. (Well that was sudden…) Fiestar is also getting ready for a comeback that’s literally happening now KST. The teaser photo was released to get all the fans ready for their new upcoming single “Apple Pie” which will be released May 31st at midnight. CLC and EXID are both throwing their hats into the comeback ring as they prepare for their June season. This is looking like a pretty exciting summer!

SNSD’s Tiffany will be making waves as she announced that she will be holding her first solo concert, “Weekend – Tiffany” which will run, Jun 10th-12th at SMTOWN Coex Atrium. The announcement was made through SM’s “The Agit” concert show

Moving to another agency that’s been stirring up a lot of buzz in the kpop world… Star Empire and their soon-to-be girl group!

Star Empire may seem familiar to you as it is home to trainees Chae Eun and Hyeri, “Produce 101” trainees. Well now it seems that these two are the first confirmed members of the upcoming girl group which will have around five to seven members according to Star Empire.

“According to reports on May 18, Star Empire has decided that the upcoming girl group will have five to seven members. The confirmed members of the girl group so far are Han Hyeri, Shim Chae Eun, and two other Star Empire trainees.”

(source: soompi)

The group is set to begin promotion as soon as all the members have been confirmed.

AOA’s “Good Luck” music video has been facing some heavy speculation after the video was removed shortly after being posted before being re-ploaded with corrections. Product placement was blurred out, specifically the Toyota and Honda logos. Many fans began saying that this problem due to the controversy surrounding the members inability to identify An Jung Geun, who fought for Korean independence for Japanese colonial rule.

But FNC Entertainment says, “No, that’s not the reason at all!”

“Excluding the vehicles, we admit that other products in the music video were included as product placement. The vehicles, however, were merely borrowed due to the local situation and we had no intention to show [the brand]… We hope that there will be no misunderstandings regarding the vehicles and brand product placement.”

(source: soompi)

Well there you have it folks! Historical controversy crisis averted!

And finally, Jessica Jung!

Jessica recently made a “not so surprise” comeback and released two music videos “Fly” and “Love Me The Same” from her new EP “With Love, J”. But even with all the good news surrounding her latest releases and fashion line, people are starting to trudge up new and old rumors. One of which, Jessica personally addressed in an interview Sports Chosun.

“This is business. You have to invest and reinvest into it and grow it gradually in order to spread the brand. That’s why you cannot earn money right away. I really have not made any money so far.”

(source: allkpop)

This, of course, comes after the news that her new song “Fly” was banned from KBS due to another incident of product placement. I’m sure this won’t make the rumors go away but at least we’ve heard her side of the story.


Thursday Kpop Update | Singer Yozoh Apologizes for Cartoon + Chinese MC Expresses Too Much Affection for Seolhyun + Produce 101’s Final Debut + f(x) Amber “Borders” MV

I really and honestly don’t know where to begin. After the shocking news about Sulli’s upcoming “scene” with Kim Soo Hyun and the four celebrities, who have allegedly been named on various sites, being indicted on charges of prostitution… I honestly have no words for today. So I’ll skip the chitchat and post a photoshoot of Suzy on 1st Look magazine.

Let’s talk some kpop…

Singer Yozoh recently got some serious backlash when she decided to draw a cartoon that basically called her friend ugly. It all began when Yozoh decided to upload a cartoon strip she drew and captioned it, “First in a long time. Shin Yozoh’s cartoon. What happened yesterday. I’m sorry for being so honest.”

And then… it got real.

“In nine panels, the singer portrays herself and a TV show production staff member talking. It’s the recording day for JTBC’s talk show, “Kim Je Dong’s Talk to You – Don’t Worry, Dear” and she and the female staff are waiting behind the stage. The singer notices the jacket that staff is wearing and comments that it is cute and that the staff looks like the bunny character on the jacket. The female staff responds that she doesn’t really see the similarity; the bunny character is ugly. The singer then says, “You’re also ugly.” When the staff remains silent, the singer says, “I guess you thought you were pretty.” The final two panels show the singer being called to the stage and the staff member being left alone in gloom.”

(source: soompi)

Click the link to soompi to see the cartoon strip.

Honestly, I figured for her to post something like this, she and the person she was referring to have to be pretty close. It’s probably how they joke with each other. However, it was a pretty bad idea to upload it for the public to see knowing fully well that netizens don’t take too kindly to this type of behavior. And what do you know? They attacked as soon as they saw it. Yozoh ended up having to take the post down and apologizing for it saying,

“I think the cartoon uploaded yesterday made a few people uncomfortable. I received a few complaints… As someone who is also sensitive to comments that make fun of people’s weight and looks, I feel even more miserable that I allowed that kind of room for misinterpretation. I am sorry for causing the misunderstanding. I quickly deleted the cartoon because I thought there might be even more misunderstanding. This account has been private for a long time, but I hope this message will reach the people who misunderstood the cartoon.”

(source: soompi)

You can see her full apology on soompi. It’s a bit long so I omitted some of it and just got to the apology.

That account might be becoming private again really soon…

Speaking of inappropriate…

A Chinese MC just found out that excessive affection can land you in a whole lot of trouble. And after looking at the pictures, it looks warranted. AOA was performing for an event and this MC decided to get a handful of Seolhyun. He wasn’t groping her private areas or anything but he did violate her space… completely! And the response to his actions are… well…

“In addition to complaints from netizens who saw photos of the skinship at the event in Hong Kong, Chinese media outlets have also openly criticized the MC for his actions. In fact, fan unions from Hong Kong and Taiwan have even requested an official apology from the MC for putting the FNC Entertainment singer in such an uncomfortable and awkward situation.”

(source: koreaboo)

I guess he didn’t see that coming. Maybe next time he’ll keep his hands to himself.

So Produce 101 has their final group together and have been working on a debut. While we wait for their debut song, there have been some pretty major developments with the new group.

“…the group which has yet to be determined has already received numerous CF offers… YMC Entertainment, the agency that will be managing the project group, has revealed that the group will be promoting their album in April and May… Along with music promotions, the “Produce 101″ final girl group has been confirmed to appear on future episodes of “Weekly Idol” and “Cool Kiz on the Block”…”

(source: soompi)

Not bad ladies… not bad.

And finally, check out Amber’s new single “Borders”!





Thursday Kpop Update | Kyuhyun Comeback Teaser ft. Amber + Jung Doo Ri Incite a Riot on Twitter

I don’t think today was meant to be a slow and peaceful day. Yesterday was too good to be true so it’s only right that today be full of angst to go along with the joy. It’s like a high school soap opera in the kpop world. Starting with Taeyeon saying how she feels about her solo debut on M! Countdown. Quite naturally she was nervous about performing solo when asked but then there’s this thing with netizens accusing her of plastic surgery. And then with the announcement that IU is dating singer-songwriter Chang Ki Ha, more problems arose. Now you guys should know by now that I hate, absolutely hate, talking about dating. It’s gossip and frankly not my business. But for today I break my rules a bit because of what model Jung Doo Ri said on her twitter.

But what did she say? (source: koreaboo)

“IU, stop acting like this. Are you crazy.”

“You’re a woman with a top-rated face in Korean society, so why? First Sulli, now you… Did your powerful uncle fans put a corset on you. You’ve been caught, you’re out.”

Ok what? I’m not sure she really honestly thought people would get as upset as they did. But the backlash was pretty massive with fans of IU and EXO coming out the woodwork. (And of course there were f(x) fans in the mix.) It was so bad she actually had to release an apology! It was pretty long winded but basically she said in short, “I didn’t think it was that serious!” 

“I love beautiful girls like IU. I can’t help it. Because of that my emotions tend to come out by my mouth a lot but in order to become that kind of beautiful girl (ㅆㅅㅌㅊ),  I wish you would date pretty and young guys like you. Of course, arguing about someone else’s relationship is funny but isn’t Twitter originally space for private conversations? Ah to the EXO fandom, I’m sorry. I don’t know Uaena’s (IU fandom) that well but when I looked at pictures, since they appeared to be such good looking, young, and fresh men, I went ahead and ended up using my mouth to express [such] emotions. I hadn’t known that would be a disturbance among the fandoms.”

“Anyway, wanting to see a beautiful girl X beautiful boy celebrity couple was my honest feelings. Before going around, pointing out who I antagonised or did whatever.  Ah, and everyone knows that the use of the word ㅆㅅㅌㅊ is a mirroring right? ^^ To be honest, I also think of IU as a great and beautiful musician of Korea.”

(source: koreaboo)

I’m not sure everybody got the apology because they are still kinda going back and forth on her twitter. This might take a while to simmer down.

After all that drama, let’s end with something pleasant. Kyuhyun is getting ready for a comeback! He released the cutest teaser video for “A Million Pieces” and it has f(x)’s Amber in it!