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Kpop Music Update | Super Junior’s Yesung Solo Album + April Comeback + Park Bo Ram New Acoustic Single + New Music Videos

Alright so I was super excited about this week’s comeback news! There was honestly so much I couldn’t fit it all in one post.

GOT7 finally made that long-awaited comeback with the release of “Home Run”! The album dropped last night and it was well worth the wait! I.O.I announced that they will be releasing their mini-album May 4th. This is going in correlation with their new reality show that they will be filming soon.

And Mighty Mouth is also shocking fans and making a comeback as well!

“The hip-hop duo is preparing to release a new album at the end of this month. This will mark their first time to promote under their own independent label ALLMIGHTY RECORDS, which they recently established after parting ways with YMC Entertainment.”

(source: soompi)

Super Junior’s Yesung is getting ready to release his debut solo album “Here I Am” April 19th! It’ll be available on different music sites, for download (paid of course), streaming as I think it’ll be on Spotify (don’t quote me on that), and many others. And it’ll be released through Super Junior’s independent label, “Label SJ”. But there’s a surprise in all this… apparently, he played an active role in writing the title track.

I’m more than ready to hear this album!

April has also created some waves by announcing the release of their spring comeback! The ladies are ready for the weather change and season and have released a teaser for their upcoming mini-album.

And then there’s Park Bo Ram. I love her voice so much and I have been earnestly waiting for this moment! She’s preparing the release of her acoustic new single, “Dynamic Love” on April 21st. I love that this song will give her an opportunity to really show off her vocals!


Monday Kpop Update | Tablo Interview, Talks HIGHGRND Amidst Release of Lee Hi New Album + Monday Couple Backlash? Netz Tired of Storyline + FIESTAR “A Delicate Sense” Live Performance

This weekend wasn’t as busy as last weekend in the kpop world so I took the time to take a break from it. Today, it’s still not very busy but there were a few things that happened that over the weekend that kinda carried over into today that I got excited about.

Starting with Lee Hi. If you remember a while back, they signed with Tablo’s independent label HIGHGRND. We got to see some teasers for the official debut of the company shortly before it was announced that Lee Hi’s comeback would be soon. Well, with the comeback news, many fans were wondering, what’s really the difference between HIGHGRND and YG Entertainment? Aren’t they the same? Tablo, owner of HIGHGRND says, “No, they’re different.” (no Lee Hi pun intended.)

In a recent interview with Sports Illgan, Tablo said:

“President Yang gave me this authority…. he must think by letting me take the lead independently that perhaps I will come up with totally different products from YG. He has no knowledge of all out decisions. He is also unaware of our ongoing plan. Legally, we are two different companies.”

(source: kpopstarz)

I actually thought that HIGHGRND was a sub-unit of YG, I had no idea they were separate companies. Well, that’s good to know. And with Lee Hi’s newest single, I’m sure it clears up a lot about any agency speculation that may arise in the future.

If you haven’t heard it yet, check out their newest single below!

Everyone’s favorite Monday Couple is not so much a favorite anymore. At least, not for everyone. Apparently the idea of Song Ji Hyo and Gary being this adorable couple on Running Man has outstayed its welcome to some netz. It began about seven years ago. In the beginning, with Gary show his “love and affection” for Song Ji Hyo, everyone thought it was cute. But now, after the latest episode, netz are saying, “Give it rest!”

[ + 763, – 121] Honestly this is getting old. Their love line has been over used. How long are they going to hold on to this

[+ 579, – 88] I’m sorry but cut the BS. We know it’s all for show and just business

(source: koreaboo)

Well, with Song Ji Hyo’s latest ventures with the Chinese version of “We Got Married” and with other things she’ll be branching out and doing, I’m sure this is going to die down soon.

FIESTAR’s latest song “Mirror” has had a lot of people talking and excited about the new album. If you want to hear samples from the album, check out their MelOn live performance below!

Monday Kpop Update | TWICE’s Nayeon Apologizes for Instagram Post + 2NE1’s Dara Promotion in YG + Netizens Upset with Lovelyz Actions + Ladies’ Code “Myst3ry” Album Preview

I took a break from the kpop world for a couple of days so this may be a mix between a Weekend update and a Monday update. So without further ado… what happened?!

Jang Hyunseung caught of lot of attention this past weekend, and not in a good way. Netizens have been saying for a while that he has a bad attitude and now they have comprised the evidence. It began with a post talking about a past event when Hyunseung didn’t appear for a fan meeting because he was allegedly with a woman. While Cube Entertainment said that it was a personal reason. (In my mind, that is a personal reason considering we don’t know the nature of the meeting but… you know how netz are.) Then they added moments were it seemed like it was “uninterested” or deliberating “not performing well”. And basically, they’re upset that Cube isn’t addressing this.

Honestly it’s just a lot of misinterpretations and misunderstandings that are circulating like wildfire. But, you can see the whole story here. I just think this is a non-issue that’s getting far too much traction.

Taemin decided to release new music for the fans and honestly, I was unprepared for “Drip Drop” or “Press Your Number”!

But speaking of controversy and apologies… TWICE’s Nayeon had to issue an apology over the weekend after a post she made about Taeyeon’s song. She didn’t say anything bad, she actually spoke highly of Taeyeon, admiring her voice and hoping to one day sound like her. However, it was how she was listening to the song that had a lot of people upset. She was streaming the song through SoundCloud.

Now, I use SoundCloud a lot to listen to new music. If it wasn’t for that app there would be no way for me to share music with you guys unless it’s on YouTube and there’d be no realistic way for me to listen to music. However, it is still a streaming site and not all the songs released on the site are legally uploaded. And so, fans were saying that by her posting the picture she illegally listening to the song since Taeyeon had not released the song, or given permission for the song to be on SoundCloud. So she did the responsible thing, she took down the post to avoid controversy.

Fans noticed immediately and the post was taken down, and she apologized quickly, saying, “Hello, it’s Nayeon. First of all, I want to apologize for my Instagram post. As a singer, I always have to be careful on music and all of the ways to express it, but I was so rude. I’m sorry that I troubled so many people. I’ll only use the official music streamers that I originally used so something like this never happens again. And I will be careful on everything. Thank you.”

(source: allkpop)

Crisis averted.


2NE1’s Dara has received the promotion of a lifetime. She has been promoted to PR Director under YG Entertainment! However, she now has new responsibilities. She has to check everything and she could be in serious trouble if something slips by her and gets posted to SNS that shouldn’t be online.

In an interview with Entertainment Relay over the weekend, Dara was asked about her position as PR manager and gladly responded with, “I was promoted to director.” She went on to explain that she naturally thought of SNS to communicate with their fans, but the agency saw her effort and awarded her with a business card bearing that position.

(source: koreaboo)

I know she’ll do a great job as the new PR Director. Congrats Dara!

In not so happy news, Lovelyz received a lot of backlash from fans after a concert. Apparently, the ladies thought it would be a good idea to bring some snacks to the show. However, snacks are prohibited. And not only did they have the snacks, they kinda littered a bit.

Netizens, not amused by their actions even in the slightest bit, posted the pictures online and it spread!

Translation: “These are the seats Lovelyz were sitting in… They threw way all their posters too.”

[ +185 / -15] Food and drinks are prohibited to enter lol

[ +154 / -34] Wow… It is rude for even other fans to see. I have been to many concerts and they all prohibit food sand drinks hahahah a They even stepped on the posters like that. What are they doing? I’m losing my interest in them.

(source: koreaboo)

I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt to remain positive but this is a bit much. Follow the rules people.

Speaking of positivity. The ladies of Ladies’ Code have returned to give us a sample of “Myst3ry” and I will say, I am super excited for this album! I love their sound and I can’t wait to hear the full length songs!

If you haven’t heard it yet, check it out below!




Artist of the Week | Ailee + [Artist of the Week Playlist]

I was searching for an artist to highlight this week and I honestly couldn’t believe that I’ve never featured Ailee. She is truly one of my favorite singers! I don’t know how I just skipped over her! Nevertheless, she’s the Artist of the Week this week. And in good timing too! She just formally made her comeback last week!

Ailee, who has been dubbed the “Beyonce of Korea”, began her career in 2010 after moving to South Korea. Since then, she’s been featured in a few songs such as Wheesung’s “They Are Coming” and Decipher’s”Catch Me If You Can”. She would later go on to release her own solo music with her debut in 2012, “Invitation” and 2013-2014, A’s Doll House and Singing Got Better. And now she’s back with her new album, “VIVID”.