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LOONA – Go Won | Album Spotlight

If you’ve heard of the group LOONA then you’re already familiar with Go Won. But if you haven’t, Go Won is the 11th member of the kpop girl group LOONA. She made her debut back in January and this is her solo introduction project. I picked this one to spotlight because when I first heard it I thought she was a solo artist and was so excited. But now I’m even more excited to have a new group to listen too since all my favs have disbanded.

LOONA officially debuts August 2018!


New Music | 김필 (Kim Feel) “From Feel” Album Preview [audio] (exclusive)

I haven’t done an album preview post in a while but I was way too excited about this to not do it! This was literally released about 20 minutes ago!

I listed Kim Feel as a featured artist a while back after hearing him for the first time on Immortal Songs 2. He is an incredible singer and I’m super excited to see what he’s been up too since then! The official release date is December 6th at midnight!

Check out the audio preview below!