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Weekend Kpop Update | Taeyeon “Why” Teaser, New Music Video + MONSTA X’s Shownu “InStyle” + Jiyoung Talks Life After KARA, Acting in Japan

So this weekend was a musical haven it seems. New music was dropping every hour and I have to say, I was truly unprepared. Though we knew we were only days away from Taeyeon’s new album that was day partly in California, USA, I didn’t realize how close the day was approaching. Three days ago her new song “Starlight” featuring DEAN was released and now we have a teaser for her upcoming song, “Why”.

The official release date is tomorrow at midnight!

Monsta X’s Shownu had a solo photoshoot with InStyle magazine. And apparently, it’s his first since his debut.

Fun fact: He was a backup dancer for Lee Hyori “Bad Girl”.

After KARA disbanded, many of the members went on to sign to other labels and work in acting, but one member in particular, Jiyoung, went into acting in Japan. In a recent interview, she talked about this decision to go all the way to Japan and what it’s like to act there. And it wasn’t easy.

Jiyoung held an interview for the upcoming movie ‘Kataomoi Spiral’ and shared, “I learned how to discipline myself in Japan. ‘Today, I won’t read the screenplay and sleep,’ ‘Today, I’ll skip out on class.’ I was tempted by those things, but I always made the decision. I was in a group until then, so I did experience loneliness. If I didn’t become stronger, I would fail. What I made the most effort for is Japanese.”

(source: allkpop)

She talked about the extra effort and caution she used when practicing conversations in Japanese. And it also helped that she had staff on hand to correct her when she made errors in her words.

One of the things she said in particular that stood out to me is that nobody asks her about KARA anymore instead they focus more on her acting now. And she’s only grateful they still pay attention to her.

“…they listened to me about my movie and promotions in Japan… I always want to receive love. A rookie award for film. I think it’s the best to receive an award after doing various work. I’d be happy if my acting was acknowledged.”

(source: allkpop)

Very happy for Jiyoung!



Weekend Kpop Update | Actress Ji Ha Yoon Taking Action Against Stalker + Unauthorized SNSD Calendar Photoshops Pictures + WINNER “EXIT”Individual Teaser Taehyun + CNBLUE and CROSS GENE Comeback

This weekend was a really exciting one! For starters, congrats Gary for winning #1 on SBS’ Inkigayo. From what I understand, he never did promote for his new single so that’s pretty cool.

I would post a video… but he didn’t perform. So if you haven’t heard the song or seen the video, check it out below!

JYP also received an award. He was awarded “Most Influential Producer” at 2015 Weibo Awards!


And then there was the news about Actress Park Jin Young. She’s been stalked for a while relentlessly by a man who has posted personal information about her and even showed up to her home. Now, she’s taking action.

Young posted the stalker’s photos, name, age, and captures of the messages sent to her and she uploaded them on her instagram account.

It’s become too much that I’m going to report him. I’ve tried warning and ignoring him countless times and he said he will stop; but his stalking only got worse. I’ll show him that I’m not just using words as a warning. I upload this so that he will see it.”

(source: allkpop)

Fans have been wondering just how bad was his torment to make her go to this extreme and even going so far to criticize her for taking such action due to her popularity, or lack thereof according to them.

Personally, I’m glad she’s taking action but I do also hope she’s able to get some type of help from the police as far as protection for herself. Nobody how popular (or not popular) you are, stalking is very scary and very dangerous. It doesn’t just affect the person being stalked, it affects their families as well.

Good for her!


I found this story on koreaboo and thought it was absolutely insane! Apparently, an unauthorized calendar for Girls’ Generation was on sale and they manufacturers decided to use old pictures of SNSD, but they photoshopped Jessica out of them whenever they could… in very obvious ways.

And according to the tweet, that wasn’t the only noticeable change they made. Some months were left on touched but others were just obvious that they were trying to compensate for Jessica no longer being in the group.

Personally, don’t they think it would’ve made more sense to just leave it alone until they could get current pictures?


And then the comeback news! These are just a few of the exciting teasers released over the weekend!


South Korea Suicide Prevention Ritual for Employees

After hearing the news of Korean actress Kang Doo Ri, I really felt this post needed to be made. This is not an easy topic nor is it one that should be taken lightly.

Originally it was reported that Kang Doo Ri had been killed in a car accident, however, after further investigation it was determined that it was indeed a suicide.

The Incheon Samsan Police Station revealed that the actress had been found dead in Bupyeong-dong, Incheon on December 14 around 4 p.m. KST. After investigating the cause of her death, they found out that before Kang Doo Ri was found she had sent a message to a friend suggesting that she was going to take her life.

Reports concluded that there were no signs of a break-in or foul play. Police found coal briquettes as part of evidence that she ended her own life.

(source: soompi)

Often times, people may think that we know why a person would take their own life. And sometimes they do say exactly why they would resort to such a permanent solution, but in the case of Kang Doo Ri, we may never truly know.

On December 11, three days before she passed away, she wrote, “I’m having a hard time these days because I’m experiencing a lot of bad personal problems. It was getting better after finishing the drama and doing broadcasts. But the situation became bad and didn’t go as planned so I couldn’t do anything. I’m really sorry and I apologize. However, I am thinking of getting ready to return to everyone after becoming calm. So I’m trying to stand up once again. See you next week.”

(source: soompi)

My heart breaks for her family and I send my deepest condolences to them as they grieve.

I think the part that truly makes any news of suicide painful is that, at some point, we think there may have been signs we missed. Or maybe we think it was something that was said that we didn’t pay attention to. Something so subtle. And then we blame ourselves. We feel the weight and the guilt and wonder, what could we have done?

According to the BBC News, South Korea has one of the highest rates of suicide in the world. Most workers report that it’s stress that drives the feelings of deep depression leading to suicide, among numerous other reasons. However, in an effort to help employees cope with life, Korean companies have taken the lead in trying to help employees appreciate life.

But what is this and why would it help?

This is called the “macabre ritual” and it is designed to be a bonding experience. Its purpose is to teach each person to not only value their own life but also the lives of others. Before getting into the casket, they see videos of people facing different adversities from illnesses to loss of limbs. They watch these videos and see the people as the overcome these different struggles in their lives and then they themselves are placed in a casket to reflect for 10 minutes.

So how has this helped?

“After the coffin experience, I realised I should try to live a new style of life,” says Cho Yong-tae as he emerges from the casket. “I’ve realised I’ve made lots of mistakes. I hope to be more passionate in all the work I do and spend more time with my family.”

(source: bbc)

But this is not the only ritual that employees will participate in.

“…[President Park Chun-woong] also insists that his staff engage in another ritual every morning when they get to work – they must do stretching exercises together culminating in loud, joint outbursts of forced laughter. 
“At first, laughing together felt really awkward and I wondered what good it could do,” says one woman. “But once you start laughing, you can’t help but look at the faces of your colleagues around you and you end up laughing together… I think it really does have a positive influence. There’s so little to laugh about in a normal office atmosphere, I think this kind of laughter helps.”

(source: bbc)

It truly is heartwarming to see that they are in fact trying to find ways to help others where they see there’s a need. Taking a personal interest in people has shown to have the most positive effects in ways we may never know or fully understand.

And though we may not be able to recognize the signs of someone on the verge of suicide or even know what to say if we ever get that message from a loved one or a friend, there is help out there.


If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, please visit https://www.afsp.org/.



Wednesday Kpop Update | Korean-American Actress Amy Deported Back to U.S. + Sulli Instagram Hacked + April “Muah!” Video

On this day in the world of kpop:

Rain decided to postpone his official comeback onto the music scene. Why? Well he wants to release a quality album and feels the December deadline just isn’t giving him enough time to do that. So when he does make a comeback, the music is going to be top notch! Meanwhile, he’s on tour.

Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha recently said during an interview on “Radio Star” that being a sunbae in the music industry is hard work! When they go to music shows, they’re greeted by hundreds of hoobae and they can’t even go to the restroom. Of course they release it’s a lot on them as well. The hosts joked with her though teaching her a “faster” approach.

LOEN Entertainment has been investing in CUBE Entertainment. Apparently, this has been a move that has been in the making under the radar. Despite the acquisition, don’t expect to see much of a change in the name or in the artists.

TaeTiSeo is preparing for a winter comeback and have released teasers, group and individual.


In less thrilling news…

Korean-American actress Amy has lost her battle in South Korea. After being fined for the illegal drug use of Zolpidem, she was sentenced to deportation. This ruling came as a result of a previous charge where she was caught with the drug Propofol. After that ruling, she agreed that if she was ever caught breaking the law again, she’d be deported. And now, the court is making her stick to her agreement.

“The Immigration Office allowed Amy to stay in Korea after receiving a law-abiding covenant from her that said, “I will not object against being deported if I disobey the law again” twice. The law allows the deportation of foreigners if they are sentenced to imprisonment due to crimes such as handling drugs.

(source: soompi)

After having her case dismissed, she expressed serious grief saying: “I don’t know if I even have the energy to live on… This is tormenting me because regardless of what the papers say, I have always lived my life believing I am Korean.” Also saying in her statement that if she wanted to live as an American, she simply wouldn’t have left.

Many people are seeing her comments and telling her that she actually brought this on herself and they don’t feel sorry for her. Personally, I can understand why she would be grieved. She has a life in Korea and family and friends there too. It can’t be easy to leave a place where you want to stay.

It should also be noted that both drugs are legal in the U.S. and are used as anti-depressants as well to treat insomnia. 

It gets better Amy.


Sulli got an earful as well.

Apparently, she was hacked. And the hacker only took down one photo which was a promotion photo for f(x)’s comeback. She quickly took to instagram to let everyone know, it wasn’t her fault. She even showed proof that she was in fact hacked.

As usual, fans weren’t buying it and called her out on her bluff. Interestingly enough, a lot of the ones commenting and attacking her may not have even been f(x) fans. She did, however, receive some support from an unlikely source… netizens.

[+128, -31] 걍 Can’t they all just go each other’s ways? I used to feel sorry for f(x) fans but now I don’t. She left why would you go to her instagram and check to chew her out ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+86, -100] Man f(x) fans make me want to defend Sulli ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

(source: koreaboo)

Change that password Sulli!


And finally…

APRIL’s new video, “Muah!”