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Wednesday Kpop Update | 2NE1 Final Farewell, “Goodbye” lyrics dedication from CL + Running Man Has Returned, Statement Released Discuss What Happened + YG Entertainment Zones In on Japanese Market, New Girl Group Debut? + New Music

There has been a lot going on in the world these past few weeks. With politics, show drama, producer statements, and artist/idol controversies and break-ups, it’s good to get back to the music!

Starting with 2NE1. I have to start with them. It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t.

As we all know, 2NE1 has officially disbanded. Even after the revamp and the finished album that was never released, the world never got to meet the new 3-member group. With Bom currently inactive, CL and Dara still signed with YG and Minzy off to another agency working on new music, it made the fans question if we would ever get that official swan song. And it looks like we did but there’s a story behind this song that I thought was so poignant and moving. Apparently it was written by CL not only for the fans but also for Minzy, who is featured on the song.

“The song is something that I had written before. After Minzy left YG Entertainment, the three of us were preparing an album. It was a song that was supposed to be like a letter to Minzy. I edited the lyrics so it would be talking to both Minzy and the fans at the same time. It didn’t take me long to edit the lyrics because I move fast when someone is believing in me,” CL said in an emotional interview to IIgan, as quoted by AllKPop.

(source: ibtimes)

How sweet is that! The music video features just the three of them as they move through images of video of 2NE1’s history, including Bom. The final images show a photo of all four of them together and then finally the remaining three as they each go there separate ways.

The lyrics are incredibly moving and I’m so sorry to see them go. I want to believe this isn’t the end of 2NE1. I know how hard CL fought for this song to be released and how badly she wants 2NE1 to make a comeback so we’ll see. It’s been done before so certainly it can happen again!

For now, let’s all cheer them on as they all work on their own personal endeavors.

Running Man also is making a splash in the headlines. Apparently, it’s not ending this year. A statement released by the team stated:

“Running Man isn’t just a variety program. It boasts 100 million fans just overseas and I don’t think it’s fair not to reflect their opinions and decide the fate of the show just because of internal problems… I believe the correct path is to undergo change in order to become a better show and give more to the fans. That is why we are back.”

(source: koreaboo)

Interesting. But even though it’s not ending this year does that mean it’s a permanent thing? And will the old members return with new members?

“We’re keeping the possibility open but it’s hard to recruit someone right away. The original cast will continue to keep Running Man moving forward and we’ll keep looking for someone to fill Gary’s void. I think this is something we’ll have to keep working on to figure out…”

(source: koreaboo)

We’ll see who comes back officially and who we will be introduced to as new members. For now, it’s good to see that’s it returned.

It seems that YG is looking to expand. Apparently, they’re looking into the Japanese market to release new music and a potential new girl group.

Samsung Securities financial researcher Yang explained, “Though the company has not seen any concert cancellations or anything to that degree, we are continuously monitoring China’s limited regulations. YG will be focusing more on the Japanese market this season… YG Entertainment is said to be preparing for the debut of a new girl group following the success of Black Pink. With YG’s revenues from their acting division increased by 10% this past year, they recently recruited a new producer to be in charge of all the video content business industry. “

(source: allkpop)

Well I guess this would be good news to fans in Japan of the large agency. This expansion could potentially be a really big deal so we’ll see what happens!

Wednesday Kpop Update | DSP Media Teases with “K.A.R.D” + Former 2NE1 Members Release Personal Statements Following Disbandment + New Music Videos

Surprise! I’m back with a full post this time… but I come bearing bad news.

It’s a sad day in the kpop world. But before we talk about the depressing matters, let’s focus on the lighthearted news.

DSP Media is testing the waters and teasing the fans with one tweet.

I don’t know about guys but I’m super ready to find out what this means.

And now for the news currently breaking the internet. It was announced yesterday but it is official today, Go Ara is no longer part of SM Entertainment. Ara’s contract officially expired as of November 30, 2016. She’s now a free agent.

I have to say you guys, I’m completely torn by this. First there was the news of KARA’s disbandment and I was sure all the members would stay and work with SM and now it seems that won’t be happening. After 13 years of being signed to the agency, it seems that her time there has now come to an end.

Wishing her all the best on this new journey!

And the posts that broke my heart more than anything else today… even though it was announced before that 2ne1 is no more. (I almost cried typing that.) The ladies of 2ne1 decided to issue their own statements regarding the disbandment for the Blackjacks all over. It feels like I lost a family member. I followed their journey, loved their music, and really enjoyed watching them perform and now just like that, it’s all over.


“Fans~ Around the world.. Hello this is Bom, whom you fans have always loved and protected… Our Blackjacks! You really waited so long for us… It’s regrettable… and I have nothing to say other than sorry… It hurts a lot… but I wanted to write a letter…What I can say right now… is that I did my best… I waited, anticipated, and prepared various things to show our fans… but things in this world don’t seem to happen the way I’d like them to…” “It’s not like we did this halfheartedly for a few years… So how can we erase everything in one fell swoop… T.T??… What to do… T.T Although it’s upsetting… I will strive to never forget our ‘memories,’… All our happy moments and joyful times… T.T Although I’m shedding bitter tears… I will keep them in my heart… When I think about parting ways with Dara, Chaerin, and Minzy, I become speechless… I suddenly can’t breath… I can’t write anymore because it hurts too much… The four of us… “‘Because we had you, we could do anything…’ I won’t forget you… Thank you… T.T””

View image on Twitter

Many fans have begun to speculate that the disbandment of 2NE1 was in favor of putting full focus on Blackpink. I don’t like that theory only because it creates too much tension towards a group that has done nothing wrong.

However, with all the drama surrounding 2NE1 with Minzy leaving, Park Bom’s issues, and CL’s solo career… it would seem like there may be another reason aside from other groups at YG that would cause this decision. And it is a bit peculiar to me that this would come on the heels of rumors of 2NE1’s new album now being calling a potential “breakup album” that was set to be released and now all recorded material scrapped.

So many theories. So much speculation. I’ll just wait on YG’s statement before giving my opinion. For now, let’s reflect on the legacy and wonderful music that 2NE1 left for the world.

Of course the news isn’t being taken well by fans. Twitter erupted with disbelief and displeasure at the idea that YG would not only allow 2NE1 to disband but also allow Taehyun to leave the agency with hashtags like #JusticeFor2NE1 and #JusticeForTaehyun. For those of you who haven’t heard, on November 25th, YG officially terminated the contract of WINNER’s Nam Taehyun citing Nam’s “mental condition” and inability “to predict the recovery and comeback”.

The remaining members have been prioritizing Nam’s mental condition and wait for his recovery, but as it is something that he has dealt with since he was young, it is hard to predict the recovery and comeback,” said the company. “Although Nam is unable to continue with Winner, both parties will be supporting each others’ music activities. Nam and Winner will remain as colleagues who support each other.”

(source: The Jakarta Post)

I understand medical issues and health coming first so maybe this is temporary? Hopefully, when he is well, we will see him make a comeback into the entertainment scene.

I think I’m done depressing you guys for one day.

New Music Videos Below.

Kpop Music Update | BTOB and DAY6 Join KCON 2016 + Minzy’s Alleged New Agency + Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Solo Debut Teasers + Music Videos

Alright so this post is a day late! Normally a Wednesday post, I just couldn’t pass up on another Artist of the Week post. Sorry! But, we’re here today!

And we’re kicking off this week (or ending it) with more on KCON 2016! The line-up just keeps getting more and more exciting. It seems, in addition to BTS, MAMAMOO, SEVENTEEN and Ailee, BTOB and DAY6 have made their announcement as well!

Ugh!! I wanna gooooo!!!

After announcing that she was leaving YG and ultimately 2NE1, it seems that Minzy may have found a new agency to call home. Though Blackjacks were heartbroken by her leaving, they have expressed well wishes at this potential “could be official” rumor.

“According to a report from news outlet Sports Donga, an insider revealed to them that Minzy has decided to sign an exclusive contract with Music Works after having discussions with several different agencies… Music Works addressed the reports and commented, “It’s true that we recently met with Minzy to discuss an exclusive contract, but a contract has yet to be officially signed.”

(source: soompi)

Don’t know if she truly is signing with them yet but I’m sure if she’s talking with them we just might hear something soon.

Minzy… 화이팅!

And then there was another… Girls Generation member solo debut! 

It was announcement a little while ago that Tiffany would be making a solo debut as well and now, we get to see what that solo debut will look like because we are days away from it! She’ll begin performing her new song on May 12th on Mnet’s M!Countdown and then she’ll be performing on KBS’s Music Bank on May 13th, MBC’s Music Core on May 14th, and finally SBS’s Inkigayo on May 15th.

Thursday Kpop Update | “Descendants of the Sun” Chinese Version and OST Woes + 2NE1 Fans Still Reeling from Shocking Minzy Departure + 2016 KCON LA Update

Descendants of the Sun has become a fast hit and been a huge success since it was first released. The show itself swept the airwaves and it made such an impact based on the visuals and storyline that now, it’s getting a possible movie deal (which hasn’t been confirmed yet but stay tuned on that), and a Chinese remake!

“According to the production company NEW, China has secured the rights to produce a Chinese language remake of the popular drama. Not only that, but other countries are currently in contact with the company to produce their own versions of the drama.”

(source: soompi)

No word on who will play what role but it is still pretty exciting news! Especially in light of the not so happy news surrounding the popular OST. One particular song on that album that is drawing a lot of buzz from netz is, “Everytime” but Punch and EXO’s Chen. Apparently, netz seem to think it sounds eerily similar to Eric Nam’s debut single, “Heaven’s Door”.

“…The original songwriter of “Heaven’s Door,” Han Jae Ho, opens up about the two songs in an April 6 interview with OSEN. “I’d heard so much hubbub about it that I listened to the song, and it was strikingly similar. In particular, the tone of the song and the refrain were the most similar. The flow was similar, as well.”

“…On the plagiarism accusation, Han Jae Ho says, “They changed it just enough to avoid calling it plagiarism. Rather than taking legal action, I’d like to mediate through conversation.”

(source: soompi)

It’s been already said by the songwriters that they collaborated with other well known OST songwriters to create the chorus so maybe the sound will have a familiar feel.

But what do you think, does it sound like Eric Nam’s song?


After the shocking news about Minzy leaving 2NE1, it’s no wonder that fans are still highly polarized and upset. And of course, YG’s statement didn’t do much to help the problem in this case. The statement had people believing that Minzy may have been to blame. The statement riled up so many people that even Minzy’s father threatened to hold a press conference to explain the true reason for her departure. And while some have been blaming her for the departure, others are placing blame elsewhere. They’ve decided to blame YG’s CEO and Park Bom.

“[ +15,204 / -553] I bet Minzy felt like a YG trainee again when all her unnis are having a good time.. Papa YG.. Should you be spending time and greed to want to sign an actor right now? Is 2NE1 important to you? Do you really think a group like 2NE1 easily comes out? Similar group won’t and will not come out.”

[ +9,562 / -495] I guess Park Bom doesn’t have real conscience.. seeing her not leave hahaha It is because of her the group came to this

(source: koreaboo)

Of course, these are just two of the many outraged comments that have been swirling around the internet. I can’t say I’m surprised that everyone is this upset. Even I am still in shock… there’s really not much left to say.


Who’s ready for KCON 2016???

Apparently, the line-up has been partially revealed and guess who has been announced? Check out the videos below to see the big reveal of GFriend and Block B.