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어디에 살아요? (eodi-e sal-ayo) | [Word of the Day]


In the theme of asking questions and learning phrases, I decided to go back to something familiar. We’re going back, way back, to the time when we asked “어디” and when we were learning location particles.

It’s important to go back to these things because… even though you’re not currently studying them, you still need to know them.

Let’s get started!


  • 어디에 살아요? (eodi-e sal-ayo) | “where do you live?”
  • 나 미국에 사세요. (na migug-e saseyo.) | “I live in America.”

There are really two words here that can be used, technically interchangeably. 살아요 and 사세요. They both can take on the meaning of, “to live” or “to stay”.

Okay so that’s it for today!

Quick note: If you’re looking for the Wednesday Kpop Update, it’ll be updapted probably this weekend. I can’t do it today unfortunately. Things came up so I’ll have to move the date but it is coming for sure!