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시간 + -에 (Time and Location) | Grammar of the Week


Okay so this is probably another lesson that you’ll remember we talked about before in the past. However, I noticed that even though we covered this topic and used examples, it wasn’t anything you could really apply to daily conversations. So this week we’ll be pulling it all together to create something substantial. We’ll be looking at time of day, days of the week, and telling time as they coincide with where you’ll be or what you’re doing.

Let’s get started!

Today will be a good bit of review and then we’ll look at scenarios throughout the week with Min-ho and Mina.


  • 오전 | a.m.
  • 오호 | p.m.
  • 아침 | morning
  • 점심 | mid-day
  • 저녁 | evening
  • 밤 | night

While, we know that time in particular refers to telling time like 8:00, we can use words like the above to discuss when something is taking place rather than giving a specific time in the event you don’t know know what time it is or the time was already discussed or whatever the case may be.

This week will be relatively short since we are only looking at this for context purposes and how to apply these words to everyday conversations.

Let’s see how we can use this in daily conversation in place of the time.

Scenario: Min-ho planning a family dinner with Mina.

Min-ho: 누나. 예약을 할 것이다. | “Nuna, I am going to make reservations.”

Mina: 왜 | “Why?”

Min-ho: 저녁을 위해 이 저녁에 | “For the dinner this evening”

Mina: 오, 그래. 왜 우리 요리 안 해? | “Oh, I see. Why don’t we cook instead?”

So as you can see in the above scenario, a specific time was not needed however the time of day still needed to be discussed.

That’s it for today! We will be looking at times and locations all this week!


같은 (gat-eun) [Word of the Day] | “Kpop Teaches Korean Too”


So today I struggled with a word to use. I can’t exactly think of a word right now that I haven’t used but I know that there are a million words to possibly choose from. So I decided to do a “Kpop Teaches Korean Too” while I get my thoughts together for next week.

(I haven’t done one of these in a while so bare with me!)

같은 (gat-eun) | “same”


“같은 시간에 Just for a minute
같은 공간에 Stay for a minute”

“gateun sigane Just for a minute
gateun gonggane  Stay for a minute

The word 시간에 may look familiar as we know that 시간 means “time” and 에 is a location particular. In the phrase above, “같은 시간에 (gateun sigane)”, we know that this means, “at the same time” or “in the same time”.

공간 is probably a word you’re not familiar with since we haven’t covered it before, it means “space”. Again, we see the location particular 에. So we know that this means, “in the same space” or “at the same space”.

Ok so that’s it for this today!