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공원/동물원 + -고 (gong-won/dongmul-won)| [Word of the Day]


Alright so to end this week I decided to do a sentence that is not just about “I” but about “we” using some new vocabulary. I’m preparing for the new vocabulary list each week to go with the Grammar of the Week.

Let’s get stated!

공원 | park

동물원 | zoo


  • 우리는 공원고 동물원에 갈거야. (ulineun gong-wongo dongmul-won-e galgeoya.) | “We’re going to park and the zoo.”

That’s it for this week!


Grammar of the Week |(Activity) 하는게 좋다 (I like doing..) + 공원 (gong-won) [Word of the Day]


Ok so last week, we talked briefly about this topic. Even though it’s super fun when it comes to using it in speech, it is a bit challenging to explain. We’ll go over a bit more before the activity.

But first, let’s get to the WOTD! This week’s theme is going to be “Places”.

공원 (gong-won) | “park”

하는게 좋다 (I like doing..) + Activity

Ok so like we discussed last week, 하는게 좋다 comes from the phrase, 하는 것이 좋다.

  • 하는 것  means “doing”
  • 게 is a simplified form of the word 것이.


  • 듣는게 좋다. | “I like listening.”
  • 보는게 좋다. | “I like watching.” 

You can also add additional things to the sentence to specify what you like listening to or what you like watching.


  • 음악을 듣는게 좋다. | “I like listening to music.”
  • 텔레비전을 보는게 좋다. | “I like watching television.”

Ok so let’s do an activity.


Translate the following sentences.

Vocabulary bank:

  • Fruit | 과일
  • To write | 쓰다
  • To read |  읽다
  1. I like eating fruit.
  2. I like writing.
  3. I like reading.

So that’s it for this week! See you again next week! Answers will be next week as well.

Quick Note: There won’t be a WOTD on Monday. It’ll be on Tuesday-Thursday this week.