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고맙습니다! Expressions of Gratitude (video)| [Grammar of the “Day”]


I haven’t watched this show in so long! But I stumbled on today while I was just searching through YouTube and decided to do things differently this week. I’m not sure if this show is even still on the air however, it is one of the best shows I’ve seen in passive learning for Korean. So this week I’ll be posting these videos but don’t worry I won’t let the video do all the work.

Today’s lesson is on Expression of Gratitude as in, someone does something for you and you want to express your gratitude for what they’ve done. More of a repayment type of phrase.

Ways to express gratitude:

  • 고맙습니다 | “thank you”
    • the video notes this as a being a basic greeting to say “thank you” to someone who has offered you assistance
  • 이 은혜를 어떻게 갚아야 될지 모르겠어요. | “I don’t know how I could repay for your favor.”
    • the video notes this as just an expression of heartfelt gratitude that comes after saying “thank you”

But what are some other ways to express gratitude? The video provide two additional examples as well as a bonus.

We’ve talked about how to ask someone their name before but how do you ask a stranger? Is there a different way?

Check out the video below!