San E and Verbal Jint Collaborate with Brian McKnight

I saw this on YouTube and thought it was my eyes deceiving me but nope it’s real!! (See I told you kpop was taking over) The song is called Rainstorm and it has such a nice feel to it! The video is a lyric video with translations of the Korean rap into English at the bottom of the screen and Hangul across the top. I like it, I think it’s pretty cool. I found out that the song was produced by Rainstone… I’ve never heard of Rainstone before today but I’ll definitely on the lookout for any songs by this producer/composer.


SM Entertainment’s New Solo Artist? Hint: Super Junior [Kpop News]

Yup! You read that right! While surfing the web I stumbled upon this pretty exciting news, Super Junior M’s Zhoumi is going solo. His mini-album “Rewind” is going to be released online in Korea and China on October 31st and in stores November 4th. Hmm pretty exciting!

So, I did a bit of digging and went to his official website, and I have to say it’s not too shabby. I’m guessing the photo on the front page is the cover of his new mini-album and it really shows the serious and mature look he’s going for. I like it. Maybe he’s going to create a different feel from his Super Junior M music? The site already has a fanboard, news, and photos. So if you can’t get enough of Zhoumi and want to see more they have all the pictures you’ll need! (And you can talk to other fans about it as well!) But, for those skeptical about whether or not this solo act will work out, check out Zhoumi solo singing a remake of Kelly Clarkson’s “Because of You” at SS4 Osaka.

For more on this story, check out: SM Entertainment’s New Solo Male Artist Confirmed to be Super Junior M’s Zhoumi!

2NE1 in Microsoft Surface Pro3 Commercial [Kpop News]

First off, let me say how exciting it is see 2NE1 in another Microsoft commercial, well at least their music is. Back in September the song Microsoft used was “Head to Head”, and now this time they are using “I Am The Best”. Soon kpop shall take over the world! I’m convinced. But until then, it’s great to see the exposure 2NE1 is getting State-side.

Radio Stations in New York and Boston picked up on the 2011 hit “I Am The Best” and began playing it on their radio stations. How about that? According to, during the week of October 19, the single was reportedly played 24 times on WBMP New York and 14 times on WODS Boston. Annnnddd, “I Am the Best” recently topped Billboard’s World Digital Songs chart and reached 100 million views (probably more now) on YouTube. How exciting is that? In light of the drama and the recent news, it’s good to see something good come out of the entire situation.

For more of this story and to see the commercial, check out: Non-K-Pop Fans React To 2NE1’s ‘I Am The Best’ On Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 Commercial.

“Jeoyeyo”, “Mwoyeyo?”, How to use “iyeyo/yeyo?” [Word of the Day Series]

So we talked a lot of about “iyeyo” and “yeyo” before. I keep coming back to these because they are actually pretty important in Korean and I want you to be able to use them effectively. It honestly took me a while to really get it but seeing it over and over again will help a lot, especially if you know how to use it! Today I’m just going to show you some ways to actually use these two endings. If you need a refresher, check out: “iyeyo/yeyo” and “isseoyo” word of the day. I plan to go back through to all the grammar lessons and show you ways in how to use each of them. But first, let’s get started with “yeyo” and “iyeyo”.

저예요 (Jeoyeyo) = “It’s me.” Remember that “Jeo” comes from “Jeoneun” and “yeyo” shows identification. So the conversation may go like this…

Person 1: 누구 입니까? (nugu ibnikka? or Who is it?)

Person 2: 저예요!

Person 1: 어서오세요!  (eoseooseyo! or Come on in. [for someone entering a room]

Ok now if Person 1 didn’t know Person 2, then Person 2’s response would’ve been ““Jeoneun ___(your name)__ imnida.”

The next one is 뭐예요 (Mwoyeyo). It means “What is it?/What’s that?” This can be used in multiple ways, like “What’s that?” in reference to something someone’s holding, “What is it?” if someone is telling you something, showing you something, and if you say a bit aggressively, it could be considered a challenge.

It’s used a lot in these k-dramas when someone pushes someone or does something negative to someone and they say “뭐예요?” aggressively.

Ok so that’s it for today! Tomorrow, “This is…”, “This”, “That”, “Over there!”

-행운을 담아! (Haenguneul dama!)