Red Velvet “Be Natural” MV Release

Personally, I haven’t heard any music from Red Velvet and to be honest I haven’t even heard of them before until today. Buuuuttt in the blogger spirit, I did my research and discovered, they released a new music video! How about that? The song is called “Be Natural” and apparently it’s been a lot of buzz about this song for a while now. Who knew?

I actually listened to this song while doing this post. Whereas I’m not entirely sure I know how to classify their sound, I do think they have a nice one. It has a kinda jazzy, r&b feel to it. Maybe soul? Tell me what you think! If you’ve heard of them let me know. I’ll check them out and may even make them my next Artist of the Week.

The Power of Social Media

I was doing my daily news search and came across a story on The Telegraph that made me pause. I tried to imagine what it was like to walk in her shoes. To live in a country where I was truly fearful everyday, visualizing my family escaping and moving to a foreign land to call home. And then I wondered if I would be brave enough, after surviving all of that, to go on and speak out about my struggle and the horrors of what happened to me, my family, and my friends. My answer after all of that was I don’t think I would be. But Yeonmi Park is.

Yeonmi Park took the opportunity after escaping North Korea and settling in South Korea to educate and expose the harsh realities living in the North. She has been utilizing social media platforms, speaking out in public forums, and she’s even a regular on popular South Korean shows. She has gone through such noticeable lengths to tell her story that it has actually landed her on a “target list” for outspoken defectors. She responded with this:

“I crossed the Gobi. I lost my father. But I am still not free. They still have power over me. They still try to control me. Until I can be really free, I will keep going,” (she told The Telegraph)

She currently has interviews and videos where she talks about the many issues she dealt with growing up. In “I Am A North Korean Millenial”, she talks about how she struggled with her identity. At one point in her life as a child she was unsure of whether she was North or South Korean. She even began to question why it mattered. She watched Disney movies and saw the vast contrast between treatment in the West and treatment in North Korea.

Yeonmi Park’s story is a fascinating one. A story that I’m sure will be told for years to come. But it goes to show that each of us has the ability to make some type of change. Whether it’s through bringing awareness to a social problem through social media platforms, helping by community service, or even monetarily. But the point is, we can’t be afraid to stand up for human rights. Most of the time I hear people say, “there are way too many social issues every single time I log online”. Whereas I can agree to an extent, I do firmly believe there are problems out there that honestly do deserve attention and a solution as soon as possible. Especially those where someone, such as Yeonmi Park, is putting their life on the line to expose it.

Check out more of her story at The Telegraph.

Street Art in Busan

Quick post!

I was just googling images of artwork and doing some research on different topics and low and behold I find a genre that I have always been fond of, “graffiti” or “street art”. In Busan, from what I’ve been told, there is an area full of artwork on the walls and streets. I just thought I’d post this article I found on that highlights this art.

Check it out! I’ll be periodically posting more of these things that I find. I’ll probably do a post later on the history behind street art and how at one time it was used for the economical advancement in the U.S.