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Yoon Hyun Sang (Duet. IU) “When Would It Be” Live Performance at Inkigayo Debut Stage

I posted the music video for this song a little while ago. It’s so beautiful and to hear it live is just as amazing as well. I love live performances that are done with instruments and without a track playing over the performance. These two did an amazing job! This is IU performing live with Yoon Hyun Sang at Inkigayo Debut Stage! Check it out!

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“있어요” (isseoyo) vs ”없어요” (eobsseoyo) [Word of the Day Series]

We’re going to take a break from telling time and go back over a topic we covered a while back.
“있어요” (isseoyo) – there is/there are, signifying the existence of something.
”없어요” (eopsseoyo) – there isn’t/there aren’t… signifying the absence of something
They both also deal with “having something”. So “있어요” would also mean “to have” and ”없어요” would also mean “to not have”. (Think of them both as the conjugation of “to be” in English) Let’s look at some examples that I got from Talk To Me In Korean.

The words we’ll use are:물 mul (water) and 시간 si-gan (time).

So like we discussed in a previous post, isseoyo has (i/ga) ahead of it. If you don’t remember how to use it or just need a refresher,  “IYEYO/YEYO” AND “ISSEOYO” [WORD OF THE DAY SERIES].

So the first one, “물 있어요 (muli-isseoyo).” Before we discussed that this would mean the existence of water. “There is water”. But this also means, “I have water.” or “They have water.” And if you add a question mark on the end, it becomes, “Is there water?”, “Do you/they have water?”.

Let’s look at another one.

“시간 있어요 (si-gan i-sseo-yo).” Again, this indicates the existence of time. “There is time”. But it can also mean to have to time. So it can also be used to say, “I have time.” or “They have time.” And again, add a question mark to the end and it becomes, “Is there time?”, “Do you/they have time?”

Let’s consider ”없어요” (eobsseoyo) using the same words.

시간 없어요. (si-gan eob-sseo-yo). This is indicating the absence of time. So it is saying, “I don’t have time.” “There is no time.” “We don’t have time.”

물 없어요. (mul eob-sseo-yo.) This is indicating the absence of water. So it is saying, “There is no water.” “I don’t have water.” “They don’t have water.”

So that’s it today. Just wanted to cover something really quickly and easily. How is it going with telling time? Tomorrow we’ll go over the days of the week!

-Until tomorrow! … 행운을 담아

One.Case New Trio Debut + “Pathetic Woman” MV [Kpop News]

I’ve been searching all over for more information on this new trio and I honestly am struggling! I wonder if they’re too new. Have you heard of them? They debuted yesterday, November 5th with a music video for their song, “Pathetic Woman”. I haven’t heard the song nor have I seen the video but I did find a little information on them from

So One.Case is a new group managed by JL Entertainment. The members are Tae Bin, Chan Suk, and Ji Nyu. Apparently they originally were supposed to be 5 members but things happened and life and boom they are a trio. Which isn’t a bad thing! Trio’s seem to be popping up randomly now as new groups and I’m wondering if this is going to be a new trend. With larger groups like Girls Generation having a branch like TTS which is a trio, it would make since for labels to just create a trio to begin with. To me at least…

At any rate, here is their debut video! I’m watching it right after I post this. What do you think? Will you be supporting them?

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