Is Lee Joon Leaving MBLAQ or Not? + Mister Baek [Kpop News]

So Lee Joon is turning out to be very indecisive on this issue. Everyone wants to know, is he leaving MBLAQ? I myself have been getting a little worried about the group. Back in October, there was speculation that the group was probably going to disband. Even though their contracts were reaching the expiration time period, there were still rumors floating around that the group would stay together.

In response to leaving, Lee Joon has said:

Honestly, nothing has been decided as of right now.  It is true that the expiration date for the contract is approaching, but we are in the midst of discussion.  When a decision is made, I want to tell you, but I don’t even do SNS… It will probably be revealed through the agency or the media.  Nothing at all has been decided so far.” –

So basically he’s not saying anything we haven’t been hearing. Ugh! I have no answers and this is all very frustrating. The secrecy is deliberate I’m sure but it would be nice to know something!! Like what’s honestly going on? Are they disbanding? Are they staying together? Is this gonna turn into another IKON situation without the Mix and Match scenario? #questionsthatNEEDanswers

Basically, we’re still in the dark and we’re still waiting for news on this.

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In more…pleasant news… Lee Joon is starring in a new K-drama, Mister Baek, and the premier is days away on November 5th. It’s about a hotel owner in his 70’s, whose whole life has been all about money and then suddenly he turns into a young man in his 30’s. If you haven’t seen the promo for it…

It looks interesting. I don’t know. Will you be watching?


Lovelyz, New Girl Group Debuting this Month [Kpop News]

Have you heard of the Lovelyz before? Well pre-debut promos have been released for them already and I found another one for them that was released today.

I think they’re adorable but I’d need to hear something from them first before I just jump behind them and say I’m a fan. I’ll still support them from afar. But if you’re like me and haven’t heard of them before, here’s the deal. They are the first girl group to be debuting by Woollim Entertainment. They are an eight member group… names are, Baby Soul, Yoo Ji Ae, Jin, Lee Mi Joo, Seo Ji Soo, Kay, Ryu Soo Jung, and Jung Ye In. I’m speculating here but I’m guessing Baby Soul is the leader. Maybe the rapper. That’s just speculation so don’t quote me! Their official debut is on November 17th.

Will you be supporting them?

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IKON 4th Member Announced!! [Kpop News]

With Mix and Match finally over, the finale just days away, the fourth member has officially been announced. Now joining, Bobby, B.I.,  and Jinhwan is… (drum roll please)… Koo Junhoe.

Honestly, I’m super excited to report that! He was an original member (B.I. Bobby, Kim Jinhwan, Koo Junhoe, Song Yunhyeong and Kim Donghyuk) before the group was disbanded and had to compete for a spot on IKON (Team B) with 3 new trainees, Jung Jinhyeong, Jung Chanwoo and Yang Hongseok.

My hope is for all the original members to be reunited! I wish the trainees the best as well too! Voting ended on the 31st of October so now we just wait. Official announcement for the 5th member is tomorrow. I’m waiting patiently. I already know my picks. Who are yours?

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The Beauty Bible – My Most Favorite Show on TV

Many people may be wondering why this is classified under art and let me say, it’s because I believe make-up and nail art can be considered artistic expression. (Even hairstyles!) It’s such a talent to be able to do make-up as well as make-up artists can. Though I think personally I do a pretty good job for my day-to-day look (a lot better than when I first started wearing make-up — real horror stories and odd looks and people volunteering to help me out for free!), I like watching shows and tutorials that help me get better at it. It’s a craft to me. This show just highlights that craft.

I just started watching this show about a couple of weeks ago. I stumbled on it at like 4 am. I don’t know why I woke up so early but I was up and couldn’t get back to sleep and found, The Beauty Bible. If you’re not watching this show, but you’re a big make-up fan and hair lover (like me) you should! This show gives great tips on hair, makeup, and even exercises and diets that famous celebrities are doing. I’ve only seen like a couple of episodes so I’m not entirely sure if they have tips for men. (Sorry guys!) I’m sure they do though! Guys need beauty expertise too right? (Speaking from the perspective of a woman so forgive me if guys don’t.)

This one particular episode that I saw today was just everything I’ve been looking for! For one, the makeup tips were for a look I’ve been trying to achieve for a while. And the exercises at the end were the best! The exercises were taught by renowned sports trainer, Jeong Areum. She’s worked with Miss Korea and golfers and other celebrities! She gave some basic tips on squats, some type of twist exercise and a type of lunge. These exercises create the look of an “invisible corset”.

So if you don’t have KBS or you just keep missing this show when it comes on, YouTube has got you covered!! Seriously, I go here to watch reruns on just about every show I can find that I keep missing during the day. (Like Safety First!)