Lee Yu Ri bnt International Pictorial

I just started getting into modeling (looking not actually being a model of course!) and I have to say it’s a huge world I’ve been missing out on. I can finally understand fashion shows. One of the places I’ve been looking to get different ideas from the kpop stars is bnt International. (s/n: They have make-up tutorials on youtube as well!)

A few weeks ago, bnt International did a pictorial spotlight on Lee Yu Ri with a new concept of an “Autumn lady”. Well, I love fall and Lee Yu Ri is my favorite actress so it’s truly no wonder that this is one of my favorites that they have done! Dressed for fall in burgundy and white with touch of red and grey, the contrast is stunning and I think I know how I’ll be dressing going into winter now! To see the final pictures, click here.


Artist of the Week: Younha

I stumbled upon Younha recently after hearing her song “Wasted”. I posted the video a while back and really wanted to make her the new Artist of the Week when I found out more about her. So I brushed up on her background and songs and I have to say, I’m glad I found her music.

Younha, got her start in Japan. And many of her songs have been in anime and drama series. Which makes me wonder if I may have heard a song by her years before since I used to be an avid anime watcher. The interesting thing is, not only can she play the piano (she’s been playing since she was 5) but she took an interest in Japanese shows and actually taught herself Japanese at a young age. She would go on to become a huge success in Japan and later in Korea. I love her music and her voice is amazing! And so introducing… Younha. Artist of the Week.

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