News and Celebrity 401

I was vague about this topic in the about me so let me put some more detail here. This is more than likely going to be my favorite page. Rants may ensue.


I plan on posting what’s going on currently in the headlines in Korea. This can range from protests, gas prices, whatever I find in the headlines that may contribute to some sort of conversation, if I find it, I’ll more than likely post it. This doesn’t just include Korea, I’ll post American news too.

Celeb 401

Sure, I believe celebrities are entitled to their privacy. So when it comes to very personal life, I won’t be posting it. (I don’t want to become a gossip blog… sheesh!!) But I will post upcoming movies, shows, and headlines that they may be making as of lately. So if your favorite actor was involved in a car accident, it may or may not get posted here. If your favorite actor is dating, I’m not posting that. If your favorite singer/song-writer/producer is working with a new artist, you’ll hear all about! Favorite actor performing in a new movie or show, you’ll definitely hear about it. I’ll even post all the way down to the movie release date and a synopsis on what it’s gonna be about.

So there you have it folks!

Culture. Music. Entertainment. Life beyond K-Drama…

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