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왜 거짓말을 해? (wae geojismal-eul hae?) | [Word of the Day]


To end the week I decided to use this phrase only because they say it all the time in k-dramas. By now you probably already know what this means.


  • 왜 거짓말을 해? (wae geojismal-eul hae?) | “Why are you lying?”

I wonder if you visualized this in a dramatic male lead role like I did. Or maybe I’m alone on that…

See you guys next week!


어떻게 생각하세요? (eotteohge saeng-gaghaseyo?) | [Word of the Day]


I’ve been getting back into my k-drama watching habits and this phrase has popped up a lot. So much so that even though I know what it means I just always catch it when I hear it. It’s just embedded in my head at this point.


  • 어떻게 생각하세요? (eotteohge saeng-gaghaseyo?) | “What do you think?”

I think this is said in almost every k-drama I have ever seen at least 5 times in two episodes. I should probably watch less crime dramas. I feel like they say this more in them.

…I could be wrong about that though…

…보다 (boda) + “to try?”| [Word of the Day]


Now, before you say, “We have seen this verb a million times!” I would like to take you back to a day when we talked about some words having multiple meanings. Meaning, you will more than likely see this verb and other words over and over again. But this is good for repetition!


  • 보다 (boda)| “to see”
    • or when combined with 해, 가, 먹어, etc. changes the meaning


  • 먹어 보다 (meoggo boda) | “try eating”
  • 해 보다 (hae boda) | “try doing”
  • 가 보다 (ga boda) | “try going”


Sample Sentences:

  • 비빔밥 먹어 봤다. (bibimbab meog-eo bwassda.) | “I tried eating bibimbap.”
  • 요리해 보고 싶어요. (yolihae bogo sip-eoyo.) | “I want to try to cook.”

Weekly Lesson #48 | Kpop Teaches Korean Too! [video]


I remember a while back I had this sub-series within the WOTD that was called Kpop Teaches Korean Too. Ever so often I would take popular kpop songs and breakdown the different words and phrases in them so you could use them in everyday conversations. Since everybody learns differently I’m trying to kinda expand as much as I can by incorporating videos and lessons into the Weekly Lesson series.

For those of you who may be wondering why I’ve gotten away from Grammar lessons, it’s for two reasons:

  1. There are A LOT of them here and on the web. You don’t actually have to look very far or search very hard to find grammar lessons in the form of books, videos, and lectures. It might be a bit overkill to have it here all the time as well. Plus, it’s stressful trying to remember all the grammar rules and structures.
  2. If you’re learning Korean to speak it conversationally, as long as you learn the basics like sentence structure, pronunciation, reading and writing… you don’t really need advanced grammar. It’ll slow you down. In the beginning stages (or intermediate), you really need to focus on vocabulary and “how” to say something versus “why.” The more you progress the more you’ll understand “why” you say/write something a certain way.

With that being said… this week I’ve decided to post a video from Korean Unnie. I love her channel and it’s a great resource for anyone looking for YouTube channels to subscribe too.

In this video, she’s using a popular song “Idol” by a popular group BTS. And not only is she teaching vocabulary words but she does explain the meanings behind them. I thought this was a good video because it’s very practical and you can actually use a lot of what she’s saying on a regular basis.

Check out the video below!