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Weekly Lesson #55 | 걸 그랬어요 “I Should’ve Done…” (video)


So as I’m scrolling through YouTube I run across this video from Minji Teaches Korean 민지 티치 코리안 and I really really had to share it! We’ve talked in the past about how to use “should” here and here. But I like this video because I feel like it’s more practical for everyday use and she gives great examples that you can use today in a conversation. This video contains both positive and negative tense usage.


  • 걸 그랬다 | “I should’ve done”
  • 지 말걸 그랬다 | “I shouldn’t have done”

The other reason why I wanted to share is because I said I would try to post more videos because it’s more helpful to hear the words rather than to just only read them and she has both in this video.


뻥치지마 (ppeongchijima) | [Word of the Day]


So to end the week I’ve decided to share another term that’s used more commonly in everyday speech that you may or may not hear in a drama.


  • 뻥치치마 (ppeongchijima) | “don’t lie”
    • Same as 거짓말 except it’s more of a slang term.

너 삐졌어? (neo ppijyeoss-eo?) | [Word of the Day]



  • 삐지다 (ppijida)  | to be upset, to sulk, to be agitated
    • Also, 삐졌다 (ppijyeossda) which is the past tense form
    • I have also seen this be used to mean “crazy” in some translations. It is actually closer to mean, “twisted” but in English that would be the equivalent to “crazy” or “insane”


  • 너 삐졌어? (neo ppijyeoss-eo?) | “Are you upset?”, “Are you sulking?”
  • 나 삐졌어. (na ppijyeoss-eo.) | “I’m upset.” “I’m agitated.”