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Album Highlight | Max “Chocolate”

New music alert!!

Okay, so I was doing my usual YouTube scroll trying to find something new to share with you guys and I stumbled across this!

For those of you who don’t know who Max is, Max is a member of the group TVXQ. They debuted back in 2003 with the song “Hug” and have been making music ever since. Yesterday, Max released his first solo debut with the leading song, “Chocolate” and I have to say I wasn’t expecting to like it is as much as I do. I will be listening to the rest of this album and figuring out which song I like the most.

The full mini-album is below so if you haven’t already heard it yet!

Reading and Listening in Korean Practice | iKON-ON: Bobby & Ju-Ne ‘깊은 밤’ MAKING FILM

Okay so I was just scrolling through YouTube today when I ran across this video. Normally, I kinda just watch them and then move on to find some more new music but I noticed something about this video that I really wanted to share with you guys.

Maybe you’ve been searching for ways to practice reading in Korean or even working on your listening but the things you’ve been finding aren’t all that interesting or maybe they’re not something you would use in everyday speech. Well, this is a video I thought would be helpful.

Sometimes I find makeup tutorials like this and share them when I find them because for the beauty gurus that follow me but also want to practice Korean, it’s super helpful! And this is no different, especially if you’re a fan of iKON.

The video is completely in Korean but it has built-in subtitles, that are in Korean to help you follow along if you’re working on listening and/or reading. To help you out some for words you may not understand, just click the CC button for English translation. This video is also subtitled in Japanese so you can switch to that translation as well.


Try to watch it first without the subtitles and then go back again with the CC on and see how much you understood!

Artist Spotlight | WINNER

WINNER is released their 3rd Mini-Album “Cross” today!! They have also released the music video for their single “SOSO” today. It’s amazing and I really like it. The video is actually also really pretty to look at. I’m not really sure why but I really thought it was so aesthetically pleasing. (Is that a thing?)

If you haven’t heard the album I added the album sampler video to this post so you can check it out!