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Quick Check In!


I’m not sure how many of you guys read these random updates when I post them but I really had to post this one!


So I’ve been gone for a couple of weeks and I know my absence has gone noticed. Here are two things I want to say:

1) I haven’t abandoned this site. After 5-6 years of constant posting and updates and changes happening… it’s hard to say goodbye to it. Honestly at this point I’m not sure I could walk away from it even if I really wanted too. This blog, while helpful to you guys, has also been super helpful to me in acting as a language journal. There are so many early posts I go back to just to see how far I’ve come. However, I’ve updated a good deal of them and will continue to do so. So if you see a post that looks familiar.. it probably is.

2) I’ve been super distracted these last few weeks. As some of you know I am currently in school and I work full time so sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed and forget to post here. It’s not intentional I promise! I keep forgetting to set a reminder or something.

Okay, now that that’s been said… I am still checking the site regularly so if you guys send me messages, comments or questions I do see them and I try to respond to them as soon as I can. My Tumblr followers… I know you guys are there. Even though I neglect you guys… I’m really sorry about that. I’m not ignoring you if you sent me something and I haven’t responded yet. (I should’ve responded by now so if I didn’t just comment here and nag me about it!)

I’ll be returning within the next couple of weeks. It’s midterms for me so I have to focus on that right now but as soon as I’m done with them I’ll be back!! But I will be posting a couple of WOTD posts and an Artist of the Week post over the next couple of days. I had some posts I was working on before I vanished so I’m gonna edit them really quickly and post them before they get lost in the drafts folder. And I started compiling that list I promised to you. I had to stop because I had to study but I’ll be posting it soon.

Thank you for understanding! Please continue to be patient with me.

Thank you all for constantly supporting and sticking around. I really and truly appreciate each and everyone of you who visit, who comment, who like posts (even the ones I forgot about), who are new followers here… basically keeping this site alive in my absence. You guys are amazing!

Be back soon!



I’m writing you guys today to first say that I’ll be returning from my hiatus soon. It was a completely unintentional break but I figured it would be good to let you all know that I’m okay and that I’ll be posting again soon.

If you’re new here, Welcome!! I saw the new follows and was truly excited to see people still finding my blog and still interacting with my posts. It’s really encouraging. I haven’t been doing too much with Korean lately as I’ve been kinda busy and really focused and other things and so my second language journey has kinda taken a back seat. On top of that, I really honestly kind of got a little lost on what else I could post. I was repeating myself so much that I just needed to figure out what else I could do or say. And honestly, I’m still kinda of in that same space.

But I’ll be returning soon and I’ll be doing things a bit differently.

See you soon!

Message from 23rd Station


I’m finally done with classes for the semester. Thank you guys so much for being patient with me and hanging in there while I was working on my papers. I thought I could do both but it was definitely hard to do that. I will be back officially full time here next week.

Thanks again and see you soon!