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Album Spotlight | Taeyeon “Purpose” 2nd Album

Taeyeon release her 2nd album on October 28th! I really like this! It’s a bit of a difference from her first album but doesn’t stray too much from her musical style. My favorite songs on this one are “Here I Am”, “Find Me”, “하하하 (LOL)”, “Wine”, “City Love” and “Blue”

If you haven’t heard her album yet, you can check out the full album below! It’s also available on Spotify and Apple Music for those of you who are looking for it on your streaming sites.

Artist of the Week | dosii

Okay, so I haven’t done one of these in a while. And I’m glad to return to this series with a new artist to me! Today was the first day I ever heard of dosii. (I know. I know.) I literally heard only one song and I was hooked!

So! Quick background for those of you who are new to dosii too! So dosii, (from what I’ve seen) is a duet signed to Stone Music Entertainment. I couldn’t find a lot of information on them but they’ve been releasing music for a while now. I think this year was just kinda like a breakout year where more people started listening to their music and spreading it around.

If you haven’t heard of dosii before, check out the sample playlist below!


Ahem… Hi! Okay so no… you aren’t seeing things. If you follow my soundcloud you won’t see this playlist on there. This is on a separate account that I created by mistake around the same time I created my “official” account. You can still follow me on this one but there isn’t a lot there. I was signed into the wrong account when I made this one.

Artist Spotlight | LEE HI

Instead of an Artist of the Week, I decided to do an Artist Spotlight because I wanted to talk about her new EP, 24℃!

After releasing her first debut Japanese album, Lee Hi is returning with a new Korean EP to add to her discography. Back in January she released a digital single with Code Kunst called “XI” and I was wondering if a full length album was on the way after that. And now the question has been answered and yes, even though it’s not a full length album (which I’m sure is coming soon) but it is new music and it’s amazing!

You may have already heard the leading single with B.I “누구 없소 (NO ONE)” but you have got to hear this whole thing!

Artist of the Week | BIBI(비비)

While I was gone I was listening to some songs by a lot of different artists. I wanted to expand my horizon beyond groups and get back to listening to solo artists.

And low and behold I find BIBI (비비). I have never heard of the show “The Fan” but I found out she was a contestant on that show and honestly, she’s so great! I loved her rendition of Peek-A-Boo by Red Velvet. She has this unique sound that’s like a pop mix with contemporary. And it fits her so well.

If you haven’t heard her new song, “(비누) BINU” check it out below!