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프라이머리(Primary) | [Artist of the Week]

I’ve been highlighting a lot of albums but I haven’t forgotten about the Artist of the Week! The artist I’m highlighting this week is one that I’ve heard about but never actually sat down and listened to any of his music. Biggest regret! Glad I did today!

The Artist of the Week is 프라이머리(Primary)! I really love the mellow and chill sound that he displays on his albums but especially the one below. Shininyru was released in 2017. As I was listening to it, I noticed how his music from the past is slightly different than what’s he’s been releasing lately. It’s still that same r&b sound but I think it’s starting to have more of a neo-soul feel to it.

And if you’re curious how I found him again, I was introduced to him by the song “When I fall in love” featuring Meego which came out last month. You can hear that song here.

If you haven’t heard of 프라이머리 before, check out his album Shininryu below! And don’t forget to check out his other music on Spotify as well!

Album Spotlight | Younha “UNSTABLE MINDSET”

Sometimes albums and EPs come out that seriously stick with me for days and weeks. I really feel like this one will be one of those EPs that does that. But then again, I love Younha. She literally can only produce amazing songs in my mind. I love Winter Flower and 스무살 어느 날 (One Day of Twenty).

If you haven’t already heard it, check out “UNSTABLE MIND” below!

Red Velvet “The ReVe Festival” | Album Spotlight

I’m super excited to be making this post!!

I don’t think I ever told you guys that Red Velvet is my favorite kpop group. I’ve been a fan since “Be Natural” came out. Every time they release new music I don’t even have to listen to it to know that I’m going to love it. And their latest album is no different!

This album is like a mix between “The First Album” and “The Second Album – Repackage.” It’s so good!

Currently on repeat…

Album Spotlight | Taeyeon “Purpose” 2nd Album

Taeyeon release her 2nd album on October 28th! I really like this! It’s a bit of a difference from her first album but doesn’t stray too much from her musical style. My favorite songs on this one are “Here I Am”, “Find Me”, “하하하 (LOL)”, “Wine”, “City Love” and “Blue”

If you haven’t heard her album yet, you can check out the full album below! It’s also available on Spotify and Apple Music for those of you who are looking for it on your streaming sites.