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Artist of the Week | 효연 (Hyoyeon)

It’s been a while since the Artist of the Week was a kpop girl-group artist. I haven’t neglected them I’ve just been listening to so many different types of music that I almost forgot about mainstream artists.

So the spotlight for this week needs no introduction! You all know her for the top selling kpop girl group “Girls’ Generation (SNSD)”! She’s back with a solo comeback and so far she’s done really well on the charts!

If you haven’t heard her solo music before, check it out below!

Artist of the Week | 히치하이커 [Hitchhiker]

I’m so late on this post right? Sorry!! I’ve been listening to a lot of different things and forgot to keep track of it all. However, we’re back! For the artist this week, I’d have to describe him as more of  a dj. The music in the playlist below is more of electronic/techno pop. I guess you could say it’s a little different than what I’ve been introducing here.

I kinda like it but at the same time I can’t see myself listening to it everyday. This would get me so pumped in the gym or walking to class. Check out the playlist below to hear a sample!


Bonus! [song below is featured on playlist]

보다 + 고 싶니 | [Word of the Day]


Yesterday we looked at an exampled of 원하니. Today, we will be looking at a couple of examples using  고 싶니. We have gone over this before but I don’t think I ever fully explained it before today and for that reason we won’t linger on this lesson.

Let’s get started!

보다 + 고 싶니

  • 나 그를보고 싶니. (na geuleulbogo sipni.) | “I want to see him.”
  • 그녀는 불꽃 놀이를보고 싶니. (geunyeoneun bulkkoch nol-ileulbogo sipni.) | “She wants to see fireworks.)

Alright so we’ll stop here today and finish this lesson up next time!

X.Q | Artist of the Week

Every now and then I’ll stumble across a new artist on YouTube. Sometimes, these artists aren’t necessarily new but they’re new to me and probably will be to a lot of you as well.

Enter in the new Artist of the Week… X.Q!

I can’t really find much on him except that he is signed to Prima Music Group and has been active since 2010. (Guess I can’t really call him new…)

If you haven’t heard about him before, check out his music below!