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동물 (dongmul) | [Word of the Day]



  • 동물 (dongmul) | animals


  • 동물이 동물원에 있습니다. (dongmul-i dongmul-won-e issseubnida.) | “Animals are at the zoo.”
  • 동물이 좋아요.  (dongmul-i joh-ayo.) | “I like animals.”
  • 동물이 싫어요. (dongmul-i silh-eoyo.) | “I don’t like animals.”

Artist of the Week | Jung Key (정키)

I’m fairly new to Jung Key(정키). In fact, I kinda just stumbled on his new album today. But the things I have heard from it are amazing and I had to highlight them! I’m not sure if he’s a singer as well but I do know he is a producer and songwriter and he produced and wrote amazing songs!

I’m a fan!

I’m still struggling to put together a playlist from soundcloud since there are a lot of cover songs. So I posted the videos below.

Weekly Lesson #7 | …에 있습니다.


This post is later than it should’ve been because I lost my internet connection yesterday. It was completely annoying and super awful but I’m back! Finals are over as well too so I’ll be able to post more content as well.

Let’s get started!

We’re moving on to a new topic of location and existence. This will involve combining everything we’ve done before and kinda mixing it up a bit. It’s really simple!


  • 교실 | classroom
  • 공원 | park
  • 도서관 | library
  • 책 | book
  • 선생님 | teacher
  • 남자 아이 | boy
  • 여자 아이 | girl


  • …에 있습니다. | (…”-e isseubnida.”)
    • 에 | location particle
    • 있습니다 | existence

Statements: …에 있습니다.

  • 선생님이 교실에 있습니다. | “The teacher is in the classroom.”
  • 그 책이 도서관에 있습니다. | “That book is in the library.”
  • 여자 아이 가 공원에 있습니다. | “The girl is in the park.”
  • 남자 아이 가 공원에 있습니다. | “The boy is in the park.”