About Twenty-Third Station

Twenty Third Station began as a joke. Literally. It was an idea that was presented to me by numerous friends based on facebook rants I would make frequently about various news articles. Though Twenty Third was a joke, the name is no coincidence. My first post on this blog actually talks more about why the name means so much to me, beginning with my love for the age of 23.  But of course this is an “about me” section, so all I can say about me is that I’m a young blogger with too much time on her hands who spends hours reading pop culture news, world news, and focusing on a lot of Korean shows, movies, songs, and language.

As for Twenty Third Station, it began to take on a life of its own during a social media break. While I am still on that break as I write this post, I have been spending time and energy trying to cultivate a blog that’s useful to people.  Much of this was born out of a need for something I felt was missing. I didn’t want to write a “rant blog”. Though I do think people would follow it, it’s not my passion to rant and rave all the time about different topics that I randomly find.  I wanted to create a blog with a specific focus. I figured since I’m learning a new language that was a good place to start. I set out to create something that was more than just language, culture, art, news, and music. I wanted it to be a combination of everything all in one place.

Hopefully you find that here. Hopefully I have done what I set out to do.


So here’s the blog that starts the journey…



Culture. Music. Entertainment. Life beyond K-Drama…

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