Street Food in Korea | Netflix Documentary


I know by now you’ve probably seen almost every single kdrama, movie… anything you can think to watch. But what about documentaries?

If you have Netflix and haven’t seen this yet, I found this really cool documentary that talks about the history and something we all love in any country… Food!! Haha but not just any food, the famous street food that we see in just about every vlogs from Korea or in movies and dramas and the food all looks soooooo good! Ever wondered about how the food gets made or the history behind it?

Also, this came out last year so if you have seen it then comment below and tell us what part of it you liked, learned or what foods you would want to try!

I was curious so I checked out the documentary, Street Food: Asia. I watched the episode that focused on Korean food and let me tell you, it was really eye-opening for me. I learned so much and I was really able to get a better appreciation of all the hardwork that goes into making those delicious meals and snacks we see all the time.

If you haven’t seen it, check it out! I couldn’t find it on YouTube but I did find this which is one of the highlighted places in the documentary.

Also, for language learning purposes, this documentary is perfect for listening practice. The Korean spoken in the documentary is very common speech. It’s what you could use in everyday conversations. A lot of times, with documentaries, the problem is that the speech can be way too formal or just not natural in conversation but that’s not the case here. So if you’re looking for something practice listening with, check out this documentary.

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