Red Velvet “The ReVe Festival” | Album Spotlight

I’m super excited to be making this post!!

I don’t think I ever told you guys that Red Velvet is my favorite kpop group. I’ve been a fan since “Be Natural” came out. Every time they release new music I don’t even have to listen to it to know that I’m going to love it. And their latest album is no different!

This album is like a mix between “The First Album” and “The Second Album – Repackage.” It’s so good!

Currently on repeat…

데려다 주다 (delyeoda juda) | [Word of the Day]


In line with yesterday’s phrase, I wanted to add this as well. You may be in a situation where someone needs to go somewhere and you offer to take them. Instead of saying, “나는 운전 할 수있다,” which literally means “I can drive.” You would use this phrase, “데려다 줄 수 있어요.”

Let’s get started!

  • 데려다 주다 (delyeoda juda) | “to take someone somewhere”


  • 집 (jib)| home
  • 가게 (gage)| store
  • 학교 (haggyo)| school


  • 집에 데려다 줄 수 있어요. (jib-e delyeoda jul su iss-eoyo.) | “I can drive you home.” or “I can take you home.”
  • 가게에 데려다 줄 수 있어요. (gagee delyeoda jul su-iss-eoyo.) | “I can drive you to the store.”
  • 학교에 데려다 줄 수있어요. (haggyoe delyeoda jul su-iss-eoyo.) | “I can drive you to school.”

And of course there’s another phrase that has a similar meaning, “태워다 주다” but that’s used slightly different. It means to give a ride to somebody but you’re not going with them, you’re just essentially dropping them off. It’s used the same way as 데려다 주다.


CL “In The Name Of Love” | Album Spotlight

Okay, so I used a song from this album for the Kpop Teaches Korean Too post but I really had to highlight this one! I have been listening to this album almost everyday ever since it came out! I was a big fan of 2NE1 and my heart shattered to pieces when they disbanded. But following each of the member’s music careers (and Minzy’s dance career), it’s almost like having them back.

This album though… it’s sooooooo CL!! It’s such a good body of work and I’m so happy that she’s finally free to release music that represents her style and her taste! My personal favorites on the album are “Rewind”, “I Quit”, and “Paradox.”

If you haven’t heard it yet, check it out below!

나는 운전 할 수있다. (naneun unjeon hal su-issda.) | [Word of the Day]


We’re back with my useful words and phrases list. This is another familiar one and it’s posted somewhere else on here… but again, repetition helps! Okay so based on the phrase I have as the title, it may seem like that’s the phrase for today, however, it’s not the phrase itself we’re focusing on but rather different things we can say using 나는… 할 수있다.

Let’s get started!!

  • 나는 운전 할 수있다. (naneun unjeon hal su-issda.) | “I can drive.”


  • 운전 (unjeon) | drive
    • 운전하다
  • 요리 (yori) | cook
    • 요리하다
  • 청소 (cheongso) | clean
    • 청소하다
  • 설거지 (seolgeoji) | wash dishes
    • 설거지하다
  • 공부 (gongbu) | study
    • 공부하다

Basically, we want to use “하다 (hada)” words because they mean “to do something.” This is because we are talking about something we can do.

Let’s look at the examples:


  • 나는 요리 할 수있다. (naneun yoli hal su-issda.) | “I can cook.”
  • 청소할 수 있습니다. (cheongsohal su issseubnida.) | “I can clean.”
  • 오늘 밤 설거지를 할 수 있습니다. (oneul bam seolgeojileul hal su issseubnida.) | “I can wash dishes tonight.”
  • 나는 내일 공부할 수 있습니다. (naneun naeil gongbuhal su issseubnida.) | “I can study tomorrow.”