Foreign Language Tip |Quick Top for Learning Korean on Your Own

Just about everyone will tell you to listen to Korean daily, use it in a practical way with everyday sentences, etc. However, everyone isn’t able to do that. You probably don’t have a lot of places to go that are Korean or even know a lot of Korean people to talk to on a daily basis. And though those are the best ways to learn, another good way is to write it out.

Start a journal that’s strictly for use in Korean and at the end of everyday, write in Korean what you did, how you felt, who you saw, what plans you have, etc. Use simple or conversational sentences and write it however it comes to your mind. This isn’t an essay that has to be graded so don’t worry about grammar too much. Do this everyday and it’ll help you use Korean in a practical way daily while also allowing you to see your progress.

It’s very similar to the advice of “thinking” in Korean or talking to yourself in Korean. To “think” in Korean is literally translating your thoughts in Korean. Like if you’re hungry, you think “oh I’m really hungry.” And then you translate that sentence to Korean. “오, 너무 배고파…” But you don’t say it aloud, you’re just thinking it. Or if you do say it aloud that would be the other advice of talking to yourself in Korean. It’ll feel crazy at first but it helps. Just maybe try not doing it in public if you’re shy.

So that’s the quick tip for today! I hope it was helpful.

What are some ways you’re practicing Korean on your own? Let me know in the comments below!

먹을거야 (meog-eulgeoya) | [Word of the Day]



  • 먹을거야 (meog-eulgeoya) | to eat
    • conjugated from the verb 먹다
    • 거야 – future tense


  • 나는 식당에 가서 먹을거야. (naneun sigdang-e gaseo meog-eulgeoya.) |
    • “I will go to the restaurant and eat.”
    •  “I’m going to the restaurant to eat.”


  • 나는 내 친구 집에 가서 저녁을 먹을거야. (naneun nae chingu jib-e gaseo jeonyeog-eul meog-eulgeoya.) |
    • “I’m going to my friend’s house to eat dinner.”
    • “I will go to my friend’s house and eat dinner.”

볼거야 (bolgeoya)| [Word of the Day]



  • 볼거야 (bolgeoya)| to watch/to see
    • conjugated from the verb 보다 (boda)
    • -거야 | future tense


  • 나는 집에 가서 영화를 볼거야. (naneun jib-e gaseo yeonghwaleul bolgeoya.) |
    • “I’m going to go home and watch a movie.”
    • “I’m going home and watching a movie.”


  • 나는 공원에 가서 콘서트를 볼거야. (naneun gong-won-e gaseo konseoteuleul bolgeoya.) |
    • “I will go to the park and watch the concert.”
    • “I’m going to the park to see the concert.”

Artist of the Week | Tiffany Young

If you are a fan of Girls Generation (SNSD), you may remember this singer I’m highlighting today. That’s right ladies and gents! Tiffany Young has officially debuted as a solo artist in… America!! I have listened to her new EP on repeat since it came out! It’s definitely a really solid first exposure. If you haven’t heard it yet, it’s completely in English. I’m so proud of her for being brave and coming back to America to create her own individual sound. I love “Born Again”, “Runaway” and “Not Barbie”.

With her contract over with SM Entertainment, many people were heavily speculating about what would be next for her. Well, I think the mini-documentary  may answer those questions.

If you haven’t heard her debut EP “Lips on Lips”, check it out below!