Foreign Language Tip | Reading a Passage in Korean [TTMK Video]

So I remember a while back I was talking about practicing your reading skills in Korean. I wasn’t able to fully demonstrate it in the post because I didn’t know how to properly explain it.

And then I found this video…

This is exactly how you practice learning to read in Korean. When you hear people say to buy children’s books in Korean, they mean reading it like the video below. Break down the sentences and then put it all back together in the beginning. Yes it’s a bit of translation but you want to be able to start reading to comprehend and the best way to do that is to break down the sentences or in this case break down the passage.

Another thing you can do is read webtoons. I downloaded both the English and Korean webtoon app that way I can use the Korean one to practice reading and the English version to make sure I’m on the right track and I know for sure what words I need to review.

Or, if you like watching K-dramas, you can do the same with them. If there are Korean subs available for the drama that you’re watching, you can break down the sentences there too and then switch to the English subs if you need check your accuracy.

It takes practice but you guys can definitely do it!

(one day it will just click…)


2 thoughts on “Foreign Language Tip | Reading a Passage in Korean [TTMK Video]”

  1. As I was studying earlier today (finally), I kept thinking of how I need to get into more reading exercises and was thinking of doing things like getting kids books just to grasp sentence structures outside of the textbook. But I have no idea where to really look. Any suggestions? (sites to read, comic app names, authors, etc)

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    1. I would definitely check Talk to Me in Korean. You can also go on Amazon. They have a lot of children’s books or you can use the webtoon app. They have a lot of comics. There’s a Korean and English version of the app but I would suggest downloading both that way you can check your progress and also follow along in English when you get lost.

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