Weekly Lesson #46 |함께 & (이)랑 [With Someone]


Thank you so much for your patience everyone!! Midterms are over and I can finally breathe a huge sigh of relief! I got my grade for one of them back and it was a good grade so hopefully the others are the same.

To begin, I decided to go back to a familiar topic and show how to use this in a practical everyday setting.

Let’s get started!


  • 함께 | “with”
  • (이)랑 | “and; with”
    • add 이 if the ending is a consonant
  • 영화 | movies
  • 공원 | park
  • 동물원 | zoo
  • 도서관 | library

Grammar Point:

  • You may be familiar with 하고 which can be used  interchangeably with (이)랑 to mean “and.” However, (이)랑 also can mean “with” and is more commonly used and casual speech.
  • 와 and 함께 also mean “with” and you may hear these more frequently in songs and even tv shows.


  • 너랑 영화에 싶어. (neolang yeonghwa-e sip-eo.) | “I want to go to the movies with you.”
  • 민호와 미나는 아빠와 함께 갔다. (minhowa minaneun appawa hamkke gassda.) | “Minho and Mina went with Dad.”
  • 그녀와 같이 갔니? (geunyeowa gat-i gassni?) | “Did you go with her?”
    • 와 is used here in place of 함께

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