“Clear Glassy Makeup Tutorial” [video]| Learn Korean through Tutorials

So I’m always advocating for finding something that you love and then looking for it in Korean. If you’re really into makeup tutorials YouTube is a great source of tutorials that are completely in Korean with subtitles.

This is one of those examples. I’ve found a tutorial from PONY Syndrome.
She added subs to the video, however, for those of you who are working on listening skills I would say listen to what she’s saying first and then go back and look at the subs. Another thing that’ll help is turn the subs to Korean that way they cover the English subs in the video and you can follow along. So if she says something you don’t know, write down the word and look it up and then add it to your personal daily/weekly vocabulary list.

Another thing, she speaks at the standard pace of Korean but if it’s too fast for you I would suggest slowing down the video to about 0.5. That way you can still hear what she’s saying and comprehend it.

Artist of the Week | 스탠딩 에그 (Standing Egg)

It gets super hard trying to keep up with this series being in school and working full time. I’m definitely trying!!

I was just kinda browsing through YouTube when I ran across this band. It’s my first time today ever hearing anything from them so I started searching all over to find more from them. And what do you know? I found a whole video playlist dedicated to their music!  Either way, the lead vocalist has a very cool and relaxing voice.

I’ll definitely be listening to this while I study for midterms!

Click the link for the playlist! (Sorry!! For some reason the embedded player isn’t working!)


Weekly Lesson #46 | Going Out to Eat


So last week we did a “Morning Routine” that combined everything we’ve been going over to describe how you start your day. Today we’re going to be looking at going out to eat with friends or 친구들과 외식을하다. I found a video that will add to the discussion but won’t be the topic of this particular one. It’s mainly extra practice and also a good way to learn how to create your own sentences.

Let’s get started!


  • 주세요 | please
  • 얼마나 | how much
  • 이것 | this
  • 저것 | that
  • 먹고 싶어 | want to eat


  • 물주세요. | “water, please”
  • 얼마예요?| “How much is this?”
  • 불고기 있어요? | Do you have bulgogi?
    • 나는 불고기를 먹을거야. | “I will eat the bulgogi.” or “I will have (to eat) the bulgogi.”
  • 김치를 먹고 싶다. | I want to eat kimchi.
    • 이거 먹고 싶니? | Do you want to eat this?


반찬 (banchan)| [Word of the Day]


To end the week, I decided to go with a word that is essential to know when eating Korean food.


  • 반찬 (banchan) | side dish


  • 반찬이 무엇입니까? (banchan-i mueos-ibnikka?) | “What is a side dish?”

Well, I’m glad you asked!! Haha! Check out the video below that gives you a glimpse of different 반찬, how to pronounce them and even a little bit of how they taste. If you’ve never had Korean food or side dishes, I’m here to tell you that a lot of it is kinda spicy however you can get a milder version for some of it if you ask.

See ya next week!