Weekly Lesson #35 | 모습 [video]


So if you are seeing this post, it is because I am currently still on vacation and I managed to get my scheduled post to work properly this time!

Since this is such a common topic that is mentioned a lot I thought I would share it. I haven’t personally seen this asked a lot but maybe its because I haven’t been searching through language boards and chats like I used to. However, I thought this was a good video to share.

It is very “grammar heavy” as in, he does use a lot of grammar points to discuss how to use this word. I know I have stopped doing Grammar of the Week posts, however, every now and again I think it’s a good idea to focus on a grammar point.

See you guys next week!

Mini-Series on YouTube

So I can’t believe I’m so late in seeing this!! Clearly school is taking over my life as I am late on everything.

When I say everything… I mean, 1) I had no idea Taeyeon had released a new album and (2) I’m also just now finding out that SNSD may or may not have disbanded. Yea, it’s pretty bad. 😞 😞 Don’t judge me you guys I’m working on it!! 

I always go to sites like Viki or Dramafever to watch dramas and variety shows and stuff but YouTube is also a great resource as well!


블핑하우스 – [BLACKPINK’s House]

뷰티학개론 Beautiology

I have never actually gone to YouTube to watch mini-series before but I will definitely start searching now.

This showed up in my recommended feed and I thought it was just a promo or something but it’s the full video and there are more videos like this online completely in Korean with English subs for this who need them.

I’ll be on the lookout for more things like this if you guys are interested in seeing more. Let me know in the comments below!

I’m off to YouTube to see what other things I can find.

달다 (dalda)| [Word of the Day]


So I’m posting early today instead of tomorrow because I will be on vacation.

I’ll see you guys again soon!


  • 달다 (dalda) | “sweet” [adj]

So this is one of those words that can have multiple meanings and it really depends on how you use it. For the purpose of this post we are using it as an adjective and it means “sweet.”


  • 케이크가 너무 달다. (keikeuga neomu dalda.) | “The cake is too sweet.”
  • 차 달아? (cha dal-a?) | “Is the tea sweet?”