Jooyoung – Fountain [Full Album] | New Music

I think I’m going to get back to highlighting new music again. I remember there was a time I used to post new music videos, new audio, new albums including the Artist of the Week… and then I just stopped. 깜빡했어.

하지만, music has been keeping me sane through grad school 그래서 I’m going to share the things that keep me stable as I get through studying and classes. 

깜빡했어 (kkamppaghaess-eo)| [Word of the Day]


Alright so it’s the end of the week here at 23rd and I gotta say, I already miss the videos. I might do this again soon. I love finding and sharing videos with common phrases because not only are you learning something new but you get to hear it being pronounced and used in a sentence or two.


  • 깜빡했어 (kkamppaghaess-eo) | “I forgot”

Twenty-Third Make-Over?


So I’ve been looking around the place for a little while now and I’ve been contemplating giving the site a new look. (Just thinking right now because that is a lot of work.)

What would that mean?

  1. The site would be down for a couple of days to a few days (2-5일). Technically. You could still come and look around but I wouldn’t be uploading any new content and it’ll probably look a bit different when you come back each time but you’ll still be able to find everything.
  2. Potentially losing some visual content. For example, the audio and videos on the side, they would just disappear completely but still be here. They would just only be in a post or as featured content.
  3. Probably a bit more organized since I’d be virtually downsizing.

Right now, I’m okay with how the site looks so there’s no rush. But if in say… June or July, you happen to show up and see it’s different around here just know it’s because I had some free time and decided to change things a bit.

Pictures will still be the same so you’ll know you’re in the right place! 🙂

That’s all for now.

New WOTD post tomorrow, Artist of the Week and a new Weekly Lesson this weekend!

New Artist of the Week for Next Week Preview: