Weekly Lesson #13 | Possession using 있습니다/없습니다 pt. 2


So last week we looked at possession in the form of actually having something. This week we will look at possession in the form of not having something.

Let’s review.

Grammar points:

  • Very similar to a few of the previous Weekly Lessons using the ending 있습니다.
  • Remember that 있습니다 insinuates the existence of something.


  • 나는 노트북이 있습니다. | “I have a laptop.”
  • 선생님은 종이 있습니다. | “The teacher has the paper.”

Vocabulary: [same as last week for memorization]

  • 종이 | paper
  • 노트북 | laptop
  • 컵 | cup
  • 가방 | bag

Grammar points:

  • Remember that 없습니다 is a verb insinuating non-existence, or something not being there.


  • 나는 노트북이 없습니다. | “I do not have a laptop.”
  • 그 남자는 가방을 없습니다 . | “That man does not have a bag.”
  • 그는 방에 컵이 없습니다. | “He does not have a cup in the room.”
  • 선생님은 종이 없습니다. | “The teacher does not have the paper.”

Okay so that’s it for this week! Next week we will move on to a new topic!


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