Place + 하고| [Word of the Day]


Yesterday we looked at connecting people. You may have noticed that I haven’t added too much information with this and that’s because this week is serving a dual purpose. This first half of this is to refresh your memory and the second half is to introduce how to properly use 하고.

Let’s get started!

장소 | “place”

하고 | “and” (conversational)


  • 커피 숍 하고 커피 탁자 | “coffee shop and coffee table”
  • 공원 하고 동물원 | “park and zoo”
  • 내 집 하고 내 차 | “my house and my car”

Okay so I kinda combined places and things in a couple of these examples but you see how it can be used with both because again these are nouns and 하고 is used to connect two nouns.

That’s it for today!


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