What Will You Do When You Run Out of Content?

I’ve been contemplating for a while how long this blog can really last on just grammar tips and word of the day posts. I’ve been asking myself almost everyday what will I do when I’ve reached the end of the grammar lessons and there’s really nothing left to tell. Will I just repost random words? Will I make up activities? There’s a bunch of things I can do but I think what I will do instead will be to move on to something new.

Language consists of not only learning a new word here and there or grammar concept, but it’s also about the culture. Culture is food, colloquialism, scenery, dance, entertainment… there’s just so much to it that it is so hard to define it. And think that’ll be my next focus here when I run out of language content.

Of course, something new will always pop up. Questions may arise. Words may be missing from here that’ll need to appear. And I’ll write posts for all these things.

I guess this blog will take on whatever form it needs to as I document my language learning process and teach you guys what I’m learning along the way. And hopefully as TwentyThirdStation evolves and changes I would’ve helped a lot of people along the way.

Guess you can just call this post random musings…


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