[Grammar of the Week] — Postponed Until Next Week | Got7 One Point Korean Lesson Video


I’m back!! I was forced to take a week off because I somehow managed to cut my eye and so I was unable to do much of anything without resting it. It took a few days to heal and then a couple of more days before the pain stopped in it. It’s all better now so that’s the good news! But. The bad new is also because of my eye injury I wasn’t really studying much to post here. So this week we’ll do a Kpop Teaches Korean Too (with a twist) instead of a full grammar lesson for the week or maybe just random Words of the Day. I’m still working out the details but I’ll have topics to post by tomorrow. (New post on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday)


In the meantime, I decided to share this video. It’s pretty much conversational Korean but there are a lot of key points and vocabulary in here that’ll be helpful to those who are on a “speaking” level of Korean. Today was actually my first time seeing it but it is really similar to some of the other videos I’ve posted before.

New Grammar lesson next week! And new Artist of the Week! I might post that on Friday.


3 thoughts on “[Grammar of the Week] — Postponed Until Next Week | Got7 One Point Korean Lesson Video”

  1. Aww sorry about your eye! 😦 Also, thank you for posting lessons on learning Hangul! They are very informative and helpful! I greatly appreciate them!

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