Days of the Week + -에| [Word of the Day]


Learning the days of the week is a topic that I personally think should come at the top of your list when you’re first learning Korean. I say this because in almost every single language learner class I know, the days of week are in the top 10 of what you learn first.

Today, instead of just looking at the words, we’ll be using them in sentences.

Let’s get started!

  • 월요일
  • 화요일
  • 수요일
  • 목요일
  • 금요일
  • 토요일
  • 일요일

There isn’t exactly a days of the week song for this so repetition is key! I included a video below that’ll help with pronunciation. I was originally going to include weekday and weekend, this/last/next week, year, etc. but I thought that would be a bit much for now. I’ll include them later on. I’ll still use them in examples and highlight the words when I do.

Scenario : Mina is making plans with her friend Jessica.

Mina: 토요일에 영화 보러 갈 수 있을까요? | “Can we go to the movies on Saturday?”

Jessica: 네, 몇시? | Yes, what time?

Mina:”오후에 어때?” | “How about in the afternoon?”

Jessica: 오, 갈 수 없어. 주말 오후에 영어공부를 합니다. 밤에 어때? | “Oh I can not go. I study English in the afternoon on the weekends. How about at night?”

And of course Mina agreed to the plans!

That’s it for today! Check out the video below to help with pronouncing the Days of the Week!


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