Greetings! 인사하다! … [in Korean] | Grammar of the Week


So I don’t really know how I’ll work this into a week-long activity but I will try. This is the post of many that I’ve wanting to share for a very long time! We’ll be introducing vocabulary words again all this week. Eventually, I would like to start adding in paragraphs for short reading comprehension activities for some of you who are a bit more advanced and looking for a challenge.

For now, let’s get started!

We’ve talk about different way to greet people in Korean before, but one of the ways that I’m going to show you is a way that you’re familiar with how to use in it’s technical form but you’re probably not using it in this manner.

어디 가세요? | “Where are you going?”

  • Usage:
    • Greeting
    • Asking where someone is headed
  • How to use:
    • 어디 가? | eodi ga?
      • Casual
        • “Going somewhere?”
      • Answer doesn’t actually have to say where you’re going, there’s no real pressure to be specific.
      • Similar to saying, “Hey, what’s up?” in English
      • Typical responses:
        • Where you’re going
        • (ong, eodi jom)
        • ne
        • ani
        • etc.
    • 어디 가요? | eodi gayo?
      • polite
    • 어디 가세요? | eodi gaseyo
      • polite, formal

Scenario | Friends (Hyuna and Mina) passing each other in the mall

Mina:  현아 어디 가? | Hyuna! Eodi ga?

Hyuna: 아, 미나! 난 집에 가. | Ah, Mina! I’m going home.

Mina: 아, 그래? | Oh, really?

Hyuna:  네, 잘 가! | Yes, I’ll see you later.

This week, I’ll be adding a new vocabulary word and based on the word create different scenarios as examples.



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