-자 VS. -ㄹ/을래(요) | [Grammar of the Week]


Last week, we talked about the usage of c and how to add it in everyday conversations. Let’s do a bit of review before we continue on to the topic of -ㄹ/을래(요) .

  • -자 | “let’s…”
    • (지 말다 | “let’s not…”)


  • 가자! | “Let’s go!”
  • 하자! | “Let’s do it!”
  • 가지마! | “Let’s not go!”/ “Don’t go!”
  • 하지마! | “Let’s not do that!”/ “Don’t do that!”

Okay, so now that we’ve seen that, let’s look at the new topic this week, -ㄹ/을래(요). I think this is something that we’ve discussed a bit before or maybe a topic similar. Either way, this will be really quick just like last week.

Let’s get started!

-ㄹ/을래(요) |

  • “should we…”
  • ”would you like to…”
  • ”shall we…”

So how do we add it to a sentence? We add it to the ending. Also, keep in mind that this involves levels of politeness. You’ll want to add 요 depending on who you’re speaking with.


  • 영화를 볼래요? | conversation between two acquaintances. 
    • “Would you like see a movie?”
    • “Shall we see a movie?”
    • “Should we see a movie?”

It’s not too much different than what we discussed with -자. We’ll look at more examples of this all week!


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