-자 vs. -ㄹ/을래(요)| [Grammar of the Week]


It’s not surprising that I don’t always know what to talk about at the beginning of the week. And with the Word of the Day posts now being so dependent on the Grammar of the Week post, it’s kinda hard to come up with something that’ll last a whole week. So I did a lot of researching and googling trying to find something to talk about that I may have not covered before or maybe something that I just got a better understanding of and can now explain a bit better than before.

And what did I find? Something a bit simple and probably a little more useful than I thought it would be.

Let’s get started!

This week we’re focused on doing things. “Let’s do this!” “Would you like to do this?” “Let’s not do that.”

We’ve talked about it before but never really extensively and honestly, there’s not much to it.

  • -자 | “let’s…”
    • (지 말다 | “let’s not…”)
  • -ㄹ/을래(요) | “should we…”/”would you like to…”/”shall we…”

We’ll split this up into maybe a two part? But we’ll start with the easiest of the two, -자.

Examples of this are:

  • 가자! | “Let’s go!”
  • 하자! | “Let’s do it!”

or the negative form, 지 말다: (requires conjugations)

  • 가지마! | “Let’s not go!”/ “Don’t go!”
  • 하지마! | “Let’s not do that!”/ “Don’t do that!”

It’s familiar and something simple. This week, since we are aware of how to use -자, we’ll spend time on the negative form, 지 말다. We’ll look at how to conjugate it and I’ll also include the positive as well.

Alright that’s it!



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