Foreign Language Tip 2 #28 | Watching Conversations in Korean

Okay, the title sounds absolutely crazy right? Why would you watch a conversation in Korean instead of just merely listening to one? Doesn’t listening make more sense since it is audio? Well! As crazy as it sounds, watching a conversation in Korean is just as beneficial as listening to what’s being said and how things are being said. But how?

  • Gestures

Korean is very expressive! When you’re watching a conversation, you take in all the different hand gestures and movements that a person will make when they’re speaking. So want to notice these things and learn how to incorporate them in your own conversations as you learn more.


  •  The way the mouth moves

Okay… what? Yes!! You want to watch how the person speaking mouth moves when they say words. This will help you better form your mouth in such a way to pronounce words in Korean more efficiently.

For example, when a baby is first learning to speak, you’ll notice that watch your mouth move a lot. They pay attention to the slight parting of the lips, wide parting of the lips or even how the lips close. They pay attention to the positioning of the tongue when certain words are said. “Like”, “For”, “Which”, “Who”, “Where”, “What”, “Him”, “Her”, “Taste”, “Eat”… all these words involve a lot of mouth movement that as a baby you paid attention to figure out how to say it.

Now that’s not saying stare at their mouth in an uncomfortable way for both you and the speaker, it just means pay attention to the movement. Just casually notice how they do they it.

… Or, just watch videos on youtube…

There are probably more reasons why it’s important to watch a conversation in Korean but those are the two most important points that I can think of at the moment. I’ll probably add to this list later if anything else comes to mind… or just do a part 2.


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