Foreign Language Tip 2 #27 | “Should I Visit South Korea?”

Today’s post will be relatively short since I have a nice video that I found that’ll help you make your decision on this matter. Remember, this is your decision and it’s not mandatory to do this, especially since travel and lodging is really expensive. But let’s say you do decide to visit South Korea, what should you do when you get there?

Let’s start first with the main question, “should you go?”

Yes and maybe.

I say yes because, if you’re serious about learning the language and potentially moving to Korea, it’s a good idea to visit a few times before moving permanently. It’s better to go and immerse yourself physically in the culture and the different cities and also to figure out if this is really a move that’s right for you.

Maybe. Well, if you’re serious about learning but only plan on living in the United States, even though it’d be great if you can go, you don’t have to. Travel is expensive and takes a lot of planning and coordination. And then once you get there, you do need money for a place to stay, taxi rides, food, emergency money, etc. So with all that in mind, if you know you can afford to go than I say go, if nothing more than just to have the experience. But if you can’t afford it, it’s not mandatory.

Now, what to do when you get there?

You’ve made the decision to go. You’ve planned out your expenses, where you’ll stay, where you’ll go and what you’ll eat, etc. Now all you need to know is… what now? Well remember, even though this is a great and fun vacation, it’s still a learning experience!

  • Interact with people. | Even if you’re just saying basic greetings and asking/answering basic questions, this is a prime time to use your Korean! Only use English for things you sincerely just don’t understand. This is a good way to test your knowledge and have full conversations in Korean.
  • Try the local food. | Yes there are fast food restaurants but make sure you’re trying to local food too. And I mean, come on, you know you’ve always wondered what it’d be like to have the restaurant experience you’ve seen in k-dramas.

Either way, if you can go, enjoy yourself! And if you’re also wondering what to expect, check out the video below!


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