(Old) Legal Movie Review | The Client vs The Advocate: A Missing Body

Okay okay so maybe they’re not old! But they aren’t exactly brand new!

Probably one of the most difficult things when watching tv and movies in Korean is finding them! But occasionally, different places like Viki, dramafever, etc. will have free screenings of movies for a limited time if you’re looking for one. Or, you can just rent the movie on YouTube.

Two of the movies that I recently had the opportunity to watch were “The Client” and “The Advocate: A Missing Body”. Two movies with a similar premise involving a murder and a missing body. Neither was a disappointment!

Let’s start with “The Client“.

This movie felt like a remake of the American film “Primal Fear” which about an altar boy who is charged with murdering a Catholic Archbishop and his attorney fully believes in innocence despite the evidence. Same premise here. In “The Client”, a man is charged with murdering his wife on their wedding anniversary and despite the evidence against him, his lawyer fully believes in his innocence.

You follow the lawyer, turned detective, Kang Sung-hee (Jung-woo Ha) as he defends his client Han Chul-min (Hyuk Jang) in a case that has unexpected twists and turns. This movie is one where one thing is very important, you have to be paying attention. There were so many clues and details to who the killer was that I totally missed it! So when the ending came, I was floored!!

Now… the downside.

There were parts I felt that kind of dragged a bit. There were moments that could have been expounded on, beginning with the original murder case of the woman in the film. They mentioned a woman had been killed before the man’s wife was killed and from that somehow the cases were supposed to be connected. However, even though I got that much of it, I really feel like they could’ve tied it together a bit differently in my mind to make it not so obvious.

I won’t spoil it but definitely check it out if you can.

And the movies I talked about before and got super excited when I finally had a chance to watch it, “The Advocate: A Missing Body“.

Where do I begin with this movie??

The plot is simple, a top defense attorney, Byeon Ho-sung (Lee Sunkyun) takes on a murder case without a body. At first, he was against taking it for a few reasons and concerns but ultimately he takes the case discovering that the defendant and the victim were somehow romantically involved, but nobody even knew they were dating. Convinced of his client’s innocence, Byeon is forced into a world that challenges not only his knowledge of the law but also his very own morality.

I truly truly enjoyed this film. It had a few comedic moments that worked perfectly in off-setting this dark thriller. And I think each character fit their role perfectly. They were extremely believable.

The downside…

A lot of people said that the ending was predictable and to a degree I could see where they would think that. I thought it was very believable where it should’ve been but predictable where I was wish it wasn’t. One of the things that I had a hard time believing was with his boss at his law firm. Although everything was connected, the part of her adding a new case and telling him to move on from a previous case just seemed to predictable but the way she “changed” wasn’t very believable to me as it should’ve been and that was one of the pivotal points in the movie.

I felt a bit of it was rushed. And I was they would’ve taken time to let some moments play out a little longer.

Overall, it was a really good movie. I haven’t seen a movie like that in a while and the plot felt original to me.

So that’s it for this movie review! I’m probably going to do these more often since I’ve been watching more movies and less dramas.

Check out the trailers to both below!


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