Descriptive Sentences | [Grammar of the Week]


Impromptu, I took about a 4-day vacation and though I did miss you guys a lot… it was really needed! I intended to blog as usual on Thursday but I completely forgot that I hadn’t done anything for it. However, I won’t make excuses. We’re just going to start fresh today.

We’ve talked about descriptive words before, such as adjectives and how to use them in a sentence. However, there is a system that’ll make using this a lot easier to describe a noun and a verb. This will be a two-part so let’s start with the easiest this week and next week we’ll do the more challenging one.

Part 1: Describing a Noun

Simply add ㄴ/은 to the adjective stem.


  • 예쁜
  • 작은

Once you have added this to the stem of these adjectives, you can begin to build descriptive sentences.


  • 예쁜 여자이가. | “Pretty girl”
  • 이것은 작은 방입니다. | “This is a small room.”

It’s really short and simple. We’ll look at this more all week to get you familiar with it before moving on the more difficult part 2!



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