Solomon’s Perjury | New Show on 23rd’s List

Sooooo… I haven’t done a review in a while of shows that I’m currently watching. Usually I take strictly about movies but this show is one that has been stuck with me for a while! I just started watching and I have to say, this is literally one of the best shows I’ve seen since “I Remember You”, “Heal Me, Kill Me”, and “My Beautiful Bride”.

This show is based on the novel and Japanese film by the same title. It follows students of an elite high school who are faced with the tragedy of a student who has been pronounced “officially” as having committed suicide following an incident in a classroom lab. While the students process their grief, new evidence comes to the light to support a suspicion that this student may not have committed suicide after all but was in fact murdered. Frustrated with lack of adult involvement and with too much media interference, the students decide to take matters into their own hands and hold their own trial to determine what role they each played in the mystery and what’s really behind this whole situation in the first place.

After watching the first episode, immediately I had questions.

  1. So who would want to cover this up and why?
  2. How can we trust the eye witness account of one student who coincidentally was there that night?
  3. What did this particular student know that made him a target?

It is truly one of those shows that catches you from the very beginning and holds your attention all the way through. If you like murder/mystery, “who-done-it?”/thrillers, this is definitely the show to watch.

I’m still watching it. I’m currently on the second episode. So far, there are only three episodes out so I’m taking my time to watch because the last thing you want, if you’re an avid k-drama fan, is to start watching a show and then have to wait all week in suspense. (Which is currently what I’m trying to avoid!)

The show airs on JBTC, Fridays and Saturdays at 8.30 p.m. KST. If you haven’t heard of it before, check out the trailer below!

(Psst! Head over to Viki to start watching now!)


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