Artist of the Week | VIBE(바이브)

I stumbled across this duo while I was surfing for a ballad I heard a while ago and I’m so glad I did! Though I didn’t find what I was looking for, I found something just as good! And I’ve been hooked ever since.

VIBE(바이브) is a duo consisting of Ryu Jae-hyun (류재현) and Yoon Min-soo (윤민수). They began in 2001-02 as a trio with two singers and a rapper, Yoo Sung Gyu (유성규). They released their first single “미워도 다시 한번 (Although it is hateful, again)” in 2002 and it was a huge hit! And from then on, the trio released successful hits. However, in 2004 Yoo Sung Gyu (유성규) ended up leaving the group to pursue a different style of music.

Still, VIBE(바이브) remains and though their style has changed a bit to accommodate the duo sound, it works for them and I’m such a fan.

Check out their latest single “A Lonely Guy” and sample playlist below!


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