Practice Your Listening Skills | Hyolyn Interview [video]

I do this from time to time to test out how well I understand what I’m learning. At the moment, I can read something and tell you what it says (sometimes I can respond in Korean if it’s really simple) but I’m not as strong with my listening skills like I’d like to be. The problem?


Believe it or not, if you talk to me really slowly in Korean I can understand but the faster you talk, the harder it is for me to follow along. If you have that same problem, you may be wondering how do you work on this? Well, you practice by listening to things like interviews or documentary clips. Not necessarily k-dramas. Although they are fun to watch, it’s usually really dramatic and not how people will speak on a day-to-day basis but interviews like this and documentary clips are closer to the speed and tone people will use in everyday conversations.

So test your skills!

The clip below has subtitles but to test how much you know, don’t look at them! They’re embedded into the video so there’s no way to turn them off. But just focus on the people and listen to what they’re saying and see how much you understand.


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