Wednesday Kpop Update | CL Edition [video]

I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do another one of these anytime soon but I’m back with a new kpop update. And just so know, this series is definitely coming back in full force next week! I’m not ignoring it anymore. I think I’ve taken enough time away from it and you’ve probably noticed by now. (Sorry tumblr!!) Don’t worry. Have no fear. It’s been revived!

So why am I focusing on CL?

As you all know, CL has been all over the place in the US. From concerts, live performances, fan meetings, interviews, chart topping new music… she’s everywhere! But… how much more exciting is it to hear of her experience from her own mouth? On this edition of CNN Style, they followed CL around her newfound city New York and listened to her talk about her experience.

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