Foreign Language Tip 2 #21 | Why are we talking about money?

I think I explained a little about why I decided to focus on money this week, however, I don’t know if it was 100% clear on way I’m doing it so here are two reasons for why this is important.

  1. You need to know your numbers.

Even if you’re not counting money, it is good to know your numbers in Korean. You need them for daily conversations like telling time, counting items, counting money, asking questions involving train rides, grocery shopping, gas, rent etc. It’s just something you should know as common knowledge.

2. You never know when you’ll need to know how to talk about money.

You may never be in a business meeting with Korean execs and so forth making financial deals, but you will be shopping or eating at restaurants so you need to know these things for that and if you decide to take a taxi as well.

Okay, so now that all that is covered, I found a video on currency in Korean that’ll be really helpful for those of you who still want/need a little extra practice.


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