Different Types of Currency | [Word of the Day]


I don’t think I ever really specified the differences in Korean currency but there differences and we’re going to talk about them today to finish off the week.

Below are the different types of currency, coins and bills.


  • W10 | ship Won (kinda like a penny… unless you have a whole bunch you can’t really use it)
  • W50 | o-ship Won
  • W100| baek Won
  • W500 |o-baek Won


  • W1,000 | cheon Won
  • W10,000.| man Won
  • W50,000 | o-man Won

Okay, so I’m not sure but I could be missing some but as far as I know that’s all of them.

That’s it for this week! Next week we’ll move on to a new Grammar lesson!


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