Grammar of the Week | Numbers in Sentences (Counting Money)


Okay so I know going over numbers again is pretty redundant. If you have been following me since October 2014, you’ve probably seen numbers quite a bit. I can assure you, however, this lesson will be different. We’re counting money this week using some math problems as well. Word problems… 


First things first… how do you say money in Korean?

원 (won) | money

There are different types of currency, bills and coins, but unlike English, there really is a separate word for them when talking about price or how much money you have. Also, you will need to be familiar with Sino-Korean numbers.


  • 500원 | 오(5) 백(100) 원 (won)

So from the example we used 500 in Sino-Korean. And in case you were wondering, this is the equivalent to $573,002.50. You’re going to need to get familiar with higher numbers in Korean to do this properly. Let’s look at some more.


  • 5000원
  • 60000원
  • 1,000,000원

Bonus: 얼마예요? (eolmayeyo?) | “how much?”

Alright so that is it for today! We’ll do more all this week!


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