Foreign Language Tip 2 #20 | Express Yourself — Talking Aloud pt. 2

I asked before, “Are you talking to yourself?” When I asked the first time, I was talking about pronunciation and sample sentences but nothing specific. However, you don’t just have to say the alphabet aloud to practice Korean. Here are three areas where you can begin learning how to express yourself even if you can only say it privately to yourself.

  • Feelings
    • How’s your day going?
    • What’s on your mind?
    • What’s happening at this present moment?

Think of what’s going on right now that you could express in Korean. For example, you have homework to do but you need to clean your room. Or you’re just having a really bad day and you’re expressing just how awful you truly feel.

[Video: MBC’s “Here Comes Jang Bo-ri”]

Okay, maybe it’s not that dramatic but it’s a way to get yourself thinking in Korean and speaking in Korean even if you’re just talking to yourself.

  • Plans | What do you want to do?
    • Want to go out?
    • Want to call someone?
    • Want something to eat?

There are times when we really want to do something and we just ultimately end up saying it to ourselves. (Or maybe that’s just me) For example, I want to go out. So I’ll say, “Oh man I really want to do something”. Of course I’m talking to do myself but because I’m verbally expressing this, that means this is the language I’m currently thinking in and understanding what I’m saying.

  • Needs | What do you need to do?
    • Errands to run?
    • Need to pick something up from the store?
    • Gotta go to work?

Again, just saying aloud what you need to do for the day is an easy way to speak and think simultaneously in Korean. Of course it is ideal to say these things to others and you can in fact say it in Korean first and then in English if you don’t have anyone you can speak to in Korean who understands Korean. However, if you’re not in position to do that, this is the next best thing. You may feel crazy or something if you say it out loud but thinking it is also good practice as well.



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